Pensions and allowances per child rise 15%

Pensions and allowances per child rise 15%

The head of Anses with a group of retirees in the ad/tèlam

As of June, the second quarterly increase -by law- of 2022 will begin to be applied for retirement, pensions and Anses allowances, for which they will receive, they calculate from the Government, an increase of 15 percent.

This is the largest increase since the current retirement mobility formula is in force, they say.

Once the increase is applied, the increase in the last year will be 63 percent and they expect it to exceed inflation, already projected at more than 60 percent for this year.

The increase will also impact the holders of the Pregnancy Allowance and Family Allowances for Prenatal, Birth, Adoption, Marriage and Spouse.

The projection is based on an increase in consumer prices of 28 percent expected for the first half of 2022 according to the projections registered by the Market Expectations Survey (REM) of the Central Bank -in food it is already close to that ceiling- , lower than the increase of 29.12 percent that pensions will have based on the mobility formula.

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With the rise, the minimum pension from June will amount to 37,524.96 pesos, while the Universal Child Allowance (AUH) and the Pregnancy Allowance for Social Protection will increase to 7,332 pesos.

“In the first half of the year, all benefits accumulate an increase of 29.12 percent that will reach more than 7.2 million retirees and pensioners (more than 8.4 million benefits) and more than 9 million girls , children and adolescents”, reported the pension agency.

This last universe includes 4.4 million recipients of the Universal Child Allowance (AUH), 3.9 million Family Allowances for formal or monotax wage earners and 0.8 million retirees, pensioners or holders of the Unemployment Benefit.

Anses added that the increase will be added to “other measures that directly affected the income of this universe, such as the 6,000-peso bonus that was granted in April for retirees and pensioners who receive up to a minimum salary had an impact on a total of 4.58 million people, and the bonus of $12,000 that began to be paid this month for retirees and pensioners who receive up to two minimum salaries reaches 6.1 million people”.

At the beginning of the month, Anses announced the May payment schedule for Retirement and Pensions, Non-Contributory Pensions, Universal Child Allowance, Pregnancy Allowance, Family and Single Payment Allowances (Marriage, Birth and Adoption) and the Benefit for unemployment.

For retirees and pensioners whose assets do not exceed 36,676 pesos, payments began on Monday, May 9 (for those whose DNI ends in 0) and will extend until Friday 20, while for retirees and pensioners whose monthly payment exceeds 36,676 pesos payments will begin on Monday 23 (DNI ending in 0 and 1) and will be extended during the business days of that week according to the calendar published by Anses.

In 2021, with inflation of 50.9 percent, they point out, the increases were 52.7 percent, also with bonuses for those who earn lower salaries due to quarter-on-quarter losses.

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