Pensions and studio apartments compete for the university market

new models of boarding houses, studio apartments and one-bedroom apartments compete for a market/ the day

He is from Mendoza, he is 25 years old, a kinesiologist by profession. Franco Rocasalvo wanted to try his luck in La Plata and worked for a few months in a rehabilitation clinic in this city: he arrived last January and a week ago he had to return to his native San Rafael because he finally couldn’t find a space to live according to his needs. income. The two cheapest offers for rent, one-bedroom apartments and pensions, compete for this niche of tenants, which, in general, is made up of university students. In both options, it is not easy to get a place, and in both options also, the costs represent a strong impact on the pocket.

Pensions long ago ceased to be those of the social imaginary that made them similar to the old conventillos, and it is very common for young people who come to this city to study to share residence in houses with several rooms with common spaces such as the bathroom, the kitchen and the living room. As indicated in the sector, these temporary homes are presented these days to “warm beds”: they have all the capacity exhausted, with lists waiting for a place to become vacant and thus be able to enter. They cost between 10,000 and 15,000 pesos per month, plus the sum of the cost of the services. On the other side of the demand are the studio apartments, which have the advantage of independence but are offered at higher prices, since, according to the estimates made by real estate agencies in La Plata, they are rented in a range that goes from 25,000 to 35,000 pesos, depending on the category of the property.

The pensions are no longer the same and they compete for the market with the smaller departments

Franco sought not only to work in La Plata but also to finish training in kinesiology. He came to the City already with a job. “It was difficult for me to find an apartment, because in January there was almost nothing available and everything was very expensive. First I paid for one located on 12th and 45th streets, 60,000 pesos for fifteen days; later I changed to another, cheaper, in 61 and 6, where I paid 45,000 pesos the first month, and the owner lowered it a little for the following months. But for the salary he received, it was not enough for me. And I wanted to look for a pension and also, they were very expensive. That is why I returned to San Rafael”, the young man from Mendoza summarized his local experience.

Let’s go to pensions, their values ​​and their services. In a house in the Ensenada neighborhood of El Dique, for example, the person in charge, Ivana Flores, indicated that “the rooms are individual and cost 10,000 pesos per month, to which you have to add the electricity from the stoves in the winter months, which is about 2,000 pesos more. The bathroom and the kitchen are shared and all the rest of the services (electricity, water, gas, internet and cable) are included”.

In that pension, located at 124 and 49, the capacity collapsed and Flores does not believe that it will be cleared for many months. “The demand is very high,” he assured. We have 13 places and they are all occupied. There are people on the waiting list.

“Since November I have been busy”, pointed out Graciela García, owner of a pension located at 59 between 22 and 23. The woman, she pointed out, only accepts male students, and since they are tenants who, precisely, come to the City to take a degree, in your case you already know that there will be no place until next November, when the “registration” for the next school year is reopened.

“The advantage of the apartments is the independence for the use of the bathroom and the kitchen”

This rental proposal has a cost of 15,000 pesos per month for a double room, plus the services that are charged separately through a proration that is made among all the tenants.

In terms of studio apartments, there is already talk of other prices, although this type of rental also has its benefits. “Now, with the return of attendance at the University, there is a high demand for apartments and then, since there is not as much in the market, prices are more expensive,” said auctioneer Ramón Penayo, who estimated the cost between 30,000 and 35,000 pesos. of a studio apartment per month. To these numbers we must add the expenses (between 2,000 and 3,000 pesos more and those buildings with 24-hour security, 4,000 pesos) and in the case of properties built before 2000, they have monthly water billing, and buildings after that year Absa charges the consortium for health services and there the expense is lower. A plus of 1,000 pesos is calculated for the water.

For years, the auctioneer Estela Valverde highlighted, studio apartments have been a classic alternative to the downtown area of ​​La Plata and are usually rented by one or two people. There are some with a dimension of between 30 and 45 meters, with an integrated or separate kitchen. “The great advantage of the apartments, even if they are a few meters, is independence, because in the pensions the boys have to share the space with others and use the bathroom and the kitchen in shifts,” explained the owner of the real estate company. 58th street between 11 and 12.

Within Valverde’s rental portfolio, prices in the category of studio apartments “do not fall below 23,000 pesos,” he said. “But the expenses in those cases do not exceed 1,800 pesos and they are highly sought after apartments because one or two people live together perfectly,” he concluded.

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