Pensions: in Denmark, towards a departure at age 70 in 2040

Pensions: in Denmark, towards a departure at age 70 in 2040

In Denmark, the retirement age, indexed to life expectancy, could go up to 70 years in 2040. And this, despite the deep fatigue of some employees.

Copenhagen (Denmark) is in the running to become Europe’s latest retirement capital. Flemming Rosleff, 78, was recently hired as a salesman in a convenience store, in the wine section. After having been a doctor and hospital director, he says he needs to take care of himself. “I was an accountant, I stopped as soon as I could”, comments one of his clients. In Denmark, retirement is indexed to life expectancy. Every five years, Parliament votes to raise the retirement age from six months to one year. According to projections, it will be set at 69 in 2035, and 70 in 2040.

The suffering of some seniors

The reform does not meet with real opposition, but some suffer from it. This is the case of Yvonne Pless, a 70-year-old caregiver. “I am very tired. (…) At 70, the body no longer wants to follow”, she says. But she lives alone, and has no other choice. In Denmark, the cost of living is 11% higher than in France. 72.3% of seniors work, compared to 56% in France. “Allowing the Danish workers most affected by hardship to take early retirement was an electoral proposal from the Prime Minister. (…) A proposal that never reached Parliament”says journalist Maeva Damoy, special correspondent in Copenhagen.

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