Pensions: the "heroes" of the Covid point to a "lack of recognition" from the government

Pensions: the “heroes” of the Covid point to a “lack of recognition” from the government

Cashiers, garbage collectors, nurses … Applauded during the Covid-19 pandemic, the “heroes” of confinements now feel despised by the government as part of the pension reform.

A “lack of recognition”. They were hailed, considered essential professions, seen as the “heroes” of confinement during the Covid-19 pandemic. Cashiers or garbage collectors feel, however, in a context of pension reform, despised by the government.

The government “does not calculate us”, does not increase salaries and “he still wants us to work two more years”, lists Ibrahim Sidibé, garbage collector in Paris. “It’s adding misery to misery,” he laments.


“We are doomed. We say to ourselves ‘work until we die'”, regrets Ibrahim Sidibé, garbage collector in Paris.

Same story with other professionals, also welcomed during the Covid-19 pandemic. “Today, cashiers and cashiers are in pain. They can’t take it anymore, some even ask, taking into account the arduousness, to leave even much earlier than 62 years”, the legal age of departure from retirement. retirement, which the reform carried out by the government plans to postpone to 64 years of age.

“Today, we think that cashiers and cashiers must leave even before the age of 60, because, at that age, it is very complicated to exercise this profession”, added Elhadji Niang, federal secretary of the CGT large distribution.

Since Thursday and the forceful passage of the government on the text via the use of 49.3, rallies and demonstrations are multiplying all over France to challenge the reform but also this choice of the government to adopt the text without submitting it to the vote. deputies.

Monday afternoon, two motions of censure, tabled by the National Rally for one and by the independent group Liot for the other, will be submitted to the vote of the deputies. The objective of the opposition being to bring down the government.

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