Pentagon creates group to investigate UFO sightings

New York.- The Pentagon announced Tuesday night a new group to investigate reports of unidentified aerial phenomena in sensitive areas, work that will be overseen by both the Army and intelligence agencies.

The group will lead an effort to “detect, identify and attribute objects” in restricted airspace, as well as mitigate any threats to military flights.

The announcement follows the release of a report in June that did not provide explanations for 143 sightings of strange phenomena by military pilots and others in the past two decades.

The report frustrated some within the intelligence community who believed that more analysis and research should have been done to try to categorize and explain the phenomena. The publication of a report that said the sightings were unexplained further fueled theories that the videos or images could be visitors from space, a theory few in the US government take seriously.

The Management Synchronization Group will be supervised by an executive council made up of the Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, the director of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and senior officials of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

The group will focus on special-use airspace, which includes military operations areas, firing ranges, and places restricted for national security and other uses. In a memo, Dr. Hicks said unidentified aerial phenomena in special use areas represent a potential safety concern for military pilots and raise “potential national security concerns.”

In June, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released a report reviewing unidentified aerial phenomena seen since 2004, noting that 143 remained unexplained. Of these, 21 reports, involving 18 episodes, possibly demonstrated technological know-how unknown to the United States, such as objects moving without observable propulsion or with rapid acceleration believed to be beyond the capabilities of Russia, China, or other nations. terrestrial.

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