People laughed their heads off – Günther Jauch – motorcycle accident at the age of 18

People “laughed their heads off” |

Günther Jauch – motorcycle accident at the age of 18

Big finale in the 3 million euro week of “Who wants to be a millionaire”!

Nine candidates had won at least 16,000 euros in the last three editions and gambled their way to the last round. However, an experience by moderator Günther Jauch (66), which had left its mark on him, caused a sensation.

Candidate Lukas Körber (32) had already won 125,000 euros on Tuesday evening, but decided to take a risk and put a large part of his winnings at risk: for a secured sum of 50,000 euros, he was allowed to sit on the council chair again and win the super jackpot 3 million euros hope.

Candidate Lukas Körber wants to buy a motorcycle

Photo: RTL / Dirk Borm

One thing is already at the top of the IT consultant’s wish list: a motorcycle. Jauch presented himself as a connoisseur and asked more precisely: “A GS?” I was very skinny at 18, pulled up in front of the full café. Dismounted, wanted to get the box I had on the second day on the stand.”

Too much for the young, slim Jauch: “Such a murderous weight! whoosh! Did that thing fall on me? I lay underneath it like a cockchafer. And the exhaust is nice: Shhhh, just like the Brutzler. Nice on the calf.”

Günther Jauch and Lukas Körber

Günther Jauch and Lukas Körber

Photo: RTL / Dirk Borm

Poor Günther had to watch helplessly as the witnesses to the accident were amused at him: “In the café: people laughed to death. Until two people took pity on me and lifted the box, which I then crawled out from under.”

A traumatic experience, after which Jauch made a decision: “I had the choice of either not drinking coffee there anymore or getting rid of the motorcycle. I decided to take the last option.”

His candidate wanted to know more about it: “You still get something out of it today? What if the exhaust burned into your calf?” And Jauch already lifted his trouser leg and examined his calf: “Yes, well, I mean, you can still see it. Come around! Can you still see that here?”

After Körber also took a look at Jauch’s calf, he wasn’t impressed: “A little, I would say.” Jauch sighed: “It’s not enough to make a crazy impression here.”

Körber tried to comfort: “No war wounds, but….” With this, however, he earned outrage from the moderator, who got upset: “Or a war wound! Many Thanks. Now I’ll finish him. Grandpa shows his war wounds again…”

However, a question from his own professional field got the IT consultant into trouble. Günther Jauch asked his candidate for 250,000 euros: “The very first website ever to go online in the early 1990s contained the top-level domain A: de, B: .ch, C: .com or D: .org? “

Körber pulled out both the public joker and the telephone joker, but in the end decided to take home the total prize money of 150,000 euros – at least 25,000 euros more than the previous win.

Günther Jauch found it difficult to part with his candidate: “They gave us a lot of fun on the two evenings. Now they’ve grown on me a bit.”

Maybe the lucky winner will take him along on his new motorbike.

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