Peppa Pig game abysmally better rated than Battlefield 2042 and GTA Trilogy

The holidays are approaching, which means that the number of video games that have been released in the last two months has skyrocketed. Also, there have been a wide variety of games. While games like Metroid Dread and Guardians of the Galaxy have been loved almost universally since launch day, the remastered trilogy of GTA it has been criticized for almost everything it tries to do.

Ultimately, that is what determines whether people decide whether they love or hate a game. If that game does what is proposed and meets the expectations that the players have set for it. Therefore, if you are looking for games to buy these holidays, and you are guided only by the scores of Metacritic, you’ll end up with a copy of My Friend Peppa Pig long before you grab some of the biggest titles of 2021.

My Friend Peppa Pig It was released on multiple platforms and as you may have guessed it is intended for children. It is a good way for the little ones to learn to use a control. It is not the deepest game you can play, but it does not pretend to be. It does exactly what it sets out to do, which is why Peppa on PS4 has a score of 8.5 on Metacritic.

That’s a score some of the best games would kill for right now. In fact, it is a higher score than that of Battlefield 2042, Far Cry 6 and the aforementioned trilogy of GTA added all. Far Cry 6 on PS5 makes up the majority of the combined score of the other three games, at 4.6. Battlefield 2042 on PS4 adds 2.0 to that total, and the GTA trilogy contributes a measly 0.7. In fact, it became the lowest-rated game of 2021 shortly after its release, snatching the crown from eFootball.

There is a lot to take from all the previous issues. If you are on the hunt for games for the holidays, don’t just go by the Metacritic score. Some games get bombarded with reviews for the wrong reasons, and not just because they were released in bad shape. In the case of Peppa, there has been a reverse criticism, in which people have left exaggerated positive reviews. So while it’s a good game for what it is, an 8.5 could be a slightly inflated score.

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