Pereira’s duties: fixed goalkeeper, defensive order and recognizable eleven


Valencia, Oct 13 (EFE) .- Coach Javier Pereira takes the reins of Levante this Wednesday afternoon with a lot of work ahead of him, such as finding a solution to the debate in goal, notably improving the team’s defensive performance and defining an eleven holder and a recognizable game system.

The arrival of Pereira to replace Paco López should solve some of the problems detected by the Levante sports management and serve to change a bad dynamic that has placed the team in the relegation places, with only four points in the first eight days.

One of the first decisions that the new coach must make is who will be his starting goalkeeper. Paco López bet, both at the end of last year and in the present, to alternate Aitor Fernández and Dani Cárdenas under the sticks and, thus, the Basque has played five games in the League and the Catalan has played the other three.

Another of Pereira’s pending tasks will be to improve the defensive aspect, since Levante is one of the two teams with the most goals in the First Division with thirteen goals against. The discreet level in defense has been one of the main problems that the Valencian team has suffered in recent seasons.

With five center-backs on the squad, three right-backs and two left-handers, Pereira has a choice to form a rear that changes the team’s dynamics, although he could also bet on using a system with five defenders as his predecessor did on the bench of the Raise in some games this season.

The game system is precisely another of the points to be discussed by Pereira. Accustomed to 1-4-3-3 as his preferred scheme, the Badajoz coach will have to adjust to the players he now has in Valencia and establish a more or less fixed and stable game mode to find a Levante as recognizable as possible.

Paco López, for example, was blamed from within the club for his continuous changes in the starting line-up and the fact that no player, with few exceptions such as Carlos Clerc, felt one hundred percent a starter during the season. In fact, the Valencian coach used twenty-six of the twenty-seven players on the squad.

However, in order to carry out his plans, Pereira will have to recover several injured footballers, such as José Campaña, Enis Bardhi or Mickaël Malsa, and it is precisely the plague of injuries that Levante has suffered in this start of the championship another of the issues to be resolved by the new coach.

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