Performance Plus flagship OnePlus 9RT officially released, starting at 3299 yuan

On October 13, OnePlus held an online press conference with the theme “Speed ​​has a new name”, and officially released OnePlus 9RT. As a performance flagship, OnePlus 9RT is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, 120Hz Samsung customized E4 OLED direct screen, main camera is equipped with flagship sensor IMX766, with 65T super flash charging and 4500mAh large battery, the first batch is equipped with ColorOS 12. system. At the press conference, OnePlus also released the new TWS headset OnePlus Buds Z2.

OnePlus 9RT and OnePlus Buds Z2 will officially go on sale at 10:00 on October 19th. OnePlus 9RT starts at 3,299 yuan, and OnePlus Buds Z2 is priced at 499 yuan. Both the pre-sale period and the first day of sale will enjoy a 100 yuan discount. .

In the product concept of OnePlus, the performance flagship is the performance plus flagship. In addition to the flagship performance, the image, design, and screen must meet the flagship’s standards. There are only processor parameters, but a mobile phone that sacrifices texture, screen, camera and user experience can only be a performance phone, not a performance flagship. Based on top performance, OnePlus 9RT will bring users a comprehensive performance flagship enjoyment.

Brisk and smooth speed experience is the common feature of each generation of OnePlus. OnePlus 9RT is equipped with Snapdragon 888+LPDDR5+UFS3.1 performance iron triangle, with a powerful performance speed system, to maximize performance advantages. In order to ensure a cool output with extreme performance, the space cooling system of OnePlus 9RT has redesigned the internal structure and heat dissipation route of the mobile phone. It adopts five-layer heat dissipation materials for three-dimensional heat dissipation. The VC heat dissipation area is increased by 59% compared with OnePlus 9. Plus 9 increased by 20%, reaching a new height of heat dissipation for OnePlus. In response to delays in Wi-Fi signals, OnePlus has launched the industry-leading 3Wi-Fi antenna system for gaming, which intelligently switches between different scenarios, effectively reduces network delays in horizontal gripping scenarios, and greatly improves Wi-Fi connection speed and network stability sex. At the same time, OnePlus applied the industry-leading 600Hz ultra-sensitive touch sampling rate, which greatly improved screen response speed, reduced latency, and brought a more stable and fun gaming experience. At the system level, OnePlus 9RT is the first batch of ColorOS 12 systems equipped with a powerful AI self-smooth engine kernel, which allows the speed advantages of OnePlus 9RT to be both soft and hard, and it has obtained the official certification of Thiel Labs for 36 months without stuttering. . In addition, OnePlus 9RT has a built-in 4500 mAh large battery and 65T super flash charge, which can charge 100% in 29 minutes. OnePlus 9RT also supports up to 33W PPS charging protocol, which can guarantee fast charging experience when using other charging heads.

At the press conference, OnePlus announced that it has officially become a strategic partner with Yuanshen. Based on the consensus understanding of the good game experience between the two parties, OnePlus started to optimize the user’s attention to the smoothness and temperature control, through GPA infinite frame stabilization, CPU intelligent scheduling, rendering optimization strategies, etc., to provide users with frame rate stability and superior temperature control. The original God game performance. At the same time, based on the in-depth strategic cooperation between the two parties, OnePlus launched the game optimization plan “Code: Alchemy” to continue to explore the technological innovation path of game optimization in the future, and bring users a better and more comprehensive gaming experience. This time, OnePlus and Yuanshen also jointly launched a cooperative limited gift box, which will be on sale in November.

Design is an indispensable part of a true performance flagship. OnePlus 9RT follows the OnePlus 9 Pro dual main camera design language, fully polishing the fuselage craftsmanship, grip experience and other aspects to achieve high-end texture and perfect feel Ingenious integration. In terms of color technology, Hacker Silver uses the third-generation diffuse reflection technology, combined with the left and right gradient textures exclusively developed by OnePlus, which solves the fingerprint problem while also bringing a more transparent gloss performance, while the dark matter adopts the second It has a silk-like reflective look and delicate touch with a silk-based glass process, and the hand feels more silky and non-sticky. As the egg of the press conference, OnePlus 9RT launched a special edition blue sky enchantment color scheme. The light of the entire rear shell transitions from diffuse reflection in the middle to highlight on both sides, giving off a transparent, soft and rich luster.

The thickness of the OnePlus 9RT is as thin as 8.295 mm, and the weight is only 198.5 grams. The frame curvature adopts a 137.5° golden obtuse angle design. With the application of weight balance design, it fits the palm of the hand while maintaining lightness and thinness, making the overall weight feel obvious Lowering makes people feel tireless for a long time, and truly achieves the light and thin performance rarely seen in flagship phones.

In terms of images, OnePlus 9RT is equipped with the flagship sensor IMX766, supports OIS optical image stabilization, and cooperates with the newly developed Nighthawk night scene system to maximize the advantages of the IMX766 outsole in the night scene and take clear and pure night scene photos. At the same time, OnePlus 9RT supports a 100 million super pixel algorithm, so that the picture is still clear and rich in details after zooming in. In addition, OnePlus 9RT has DOL-HDR with superior video shooting capabilities, and supports full-pixel omni-directional focus, OIS+EIS video dual anti-shake, video three-microphone tracking focus, greatly reducing the sense of image shaking, and more sensitive motion capture. Benefiting from the imaging foundation of the high-end flagship sensor, combined with the Nighthawk night view system and the 100 million super pixel algorithm, OnePlus 9RT has superior image expressiveness in terms of imaging effects, night scene performance, and screen details.

OnePlus 9RT is equipped with a 6.62-inch Samsung customized 120Hz E4 OLED direct screen, 100% DCI-P3 wide color gamut coverage, supports 300Hz hardware touch sampling, and the game scene is upgraded to 600Hz, bringing a more smooth and flexible game control experience. At the same time, the two front and rear light sensors cooperate with the 10,000-level dimming algorithm to intelligently adjust the light, simulating natural light, reducing the discomfort of the user’s eyes looking at the screen for a long time; the addition of sub-pixel rendering greatly optimizes the user’s reading experience, while the video is super The application of clear enhancement function allows users to experience more high-definition picture quality enjoyment. There is no doubt that the screen of OnePlus 9RT is still one of the best straight screens on the market.

At the system level, OnePlus 9RT is the first to be equipped with ColorOS 12 systems. In addition to the powerful AI self-smoothing engine core, the design, smart experience, PC interconnection, privacy protection, etc. also usher in a comprehensive update, with more than 1,000 new features and optimization updates. , To bring users a brisk, smooth and intelligent and safe system experience.

OnePlus also brought a brand new true wireless noise-cancelling headset OnePlus Buds Z2 at this conference. As a comprehensive upgrade of OnePlus Buds Z, OnePlus Buds Z2 continues the classic fashion design of Buds Z, ensuring lightness and wearing comfort, while making a comprehensive upgrade in noise reduction, sound quality, battery life, intelligent interaction and other functions.

OnePlus Buds Z2 has a new active noise reduction function with a noise reduction depth of up to 40dB, which is at the top noise reduction level in the industry. It also supports 3-microphone AI call noise reduction, allowing users to get a more immersive and quieter listening experience. At the same time, OnePlus Buds Z2 has a built-in 11mm dynamic coil unit, the bass is surging and powerful, and the mid- to high-range is bright and clear. When used with OnePlus 9RT and other phones that support Dolby Atmos, the OnePlus Buds Z2 allows users to experience all-round lingering sounds, and experience excellent sound detail, layering and realism. In terms of battery life, OnePlus Buds Z2 has a long battery life of 38 hours and supports wired fast charging, which relieves users of battery anxiety. OnePlus Buds Z2 also supports Bluetooth 5.2 connection, 94ms low latency, IP55 dust and water resistance, flash connection when opening the cover, wearing detection, etc., providing a comprehensive and intimate comprehensive experience.

OnePlus 9RT and OnePlus Buds Z2 have been pre-sold at 20:40 on October 13th, and will be available in Huantai Mall,, Tmall flagship stores, Suning, and OnePlus authorized stores at 10:00 on October 19th. Wait for online and offline omni-channel sales.

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