Pernilla Wahlgren’s relationship with the celebrity revealed – with a secret letter: "Love you"

Pernilla Wahlgren's relationship with the celebrity revealed - with a secret letter: "Love you"

The songbird Pernilla Wahlgren shows off a relationship unknown to many – with a not so unknown man!


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Pernilla Wahlgren is busy as usual, and you almost wonder how she keeps up. Through her social media, you get an insight into her fast-paced everyday life – and it’s almost so that you become dull from just being a spectator.

Now Pernilla is on the west coast, more specifically Gothenburg, for the last push with the show Pernilla Wahlgren has hubris – and she got a nice visit.

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Putting down the success

It’s been a rough couple of years for the star lately. First, she made a large-scale success outside the country with the show Kort, happy and grateful, and the laughter barely had time to stop before it was time again.

Since 2020, it is instead Pernilla Wahlgren’s hubris that attracts thousands to the theaters. Over 195,000 tickets have been sold, to be exact.

It goes like clockwork, and despite the fact that it has been played for almost two years, the ensemble’s shows are sold out night after night. But all good things come to an end, and so does the Hybris show.

On the 21st of December, it is the finale and the tour ends at home – with a final 210th performance.

“My God what a trip we had, I don’t know how many times we went from Luleå to Malmö and back since the start of 2020 but we have loved every kilometer, every applause, every laugh and every wedding…!” Wrote Pernilla on Instagram.

Hanna Hedlund, Linus Wahlgren and Pernilla Wahlgren on stage during her performance Pernilla Wahlgren has hubris

In the middle of the success, Linus Wahlgren was called in, he replaced Ola Forssmed who had other things on his schedule.

Karin Törnblom/TT

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The relationship with the SVT profile

Now the tour bus has made it to Gothenburg, and not everyone who wants to see the show has yet. On Thursday, Pernilla told us that it was time to take over the Lorensberg Theater for four sold-out shows – in three days.

And when she is in the West, there was a well-known profile that wanted to pay tribute to the star – Gothenburg’s face Lasse Kronér! He also did it with notice, with a basket full of sweets and a nice message.

Pernilla Wahlgren shows on Instagram a basket full of chocolates and sweets from Lasse Kronér

Photo: Screenshot, Instagram

Pernilla Wahlgren shows a card from Lasse Kronér where he wrote: "Pernie, you are the best.  Love you always.  Lasse

Photo: Screenshot, Instagram

“Pernie, you’re the best. Love ya always. Lasse” It looks like the Doobidoo star signed a card to Pernilla, who returns the love:

“Love you tooooo” Pernilla replies followed by loving emojis.

Talk about them having a nice friendship, but it has gone under the radar to say the least. Pernilla and Lasse appeared on the Digiloo tour together in 2006, and of course Pernilla has been in Doobidoo. Otherwise, the fine relationship of the industry colleagues has managed to sneak under the radar!

Photo: TT/Instagram

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