Pernilla Wahlgren’s shock news: Rejection of house building – stopped completely

Pernilla Wahlgren's shock news: Rejection of house building - stopped completely

Pernilla has been reached by a really gloomy message.

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Everything is not gold and green forests for multitasker Pernilla Wahlgren. At least not when it comes to building a luxury villa out on Lidingö. The tours have been many, and when it is almost ready for moving in, she has suffered a major setback.

The municipality stops her house building plans – something that makes followers worry about Pernilla’s safety.

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Pernilla Wahlgren’s problems with the new house

An unforeseen problem that Pernilla Bitter has had to deal with when it comes to the luxury villa is the fact that it is built high up on a mountain. Sure, she gets a breathtaking view through her metre-long windows – but the road to get there has literally been steep.

Temporarily, the builders erected a metal staircase up to the house, which they quickly realized would not measure up. There are many steps, and it was almost a scary drop straight down if you were to take the stairs down.

Pernilla Wahlgren's house on Lidingö before it was completely finished

The construction has now progressed significantly further than this picture from March, but it certainly appears that the house is built on a mountain.

Henrik Isaksson/TT

Today, there are also rules regarding disability adaptation to keep in mind when it comes to new construction, so there were several things that weighed on Pernilla during construction. Among other things, she needs to install a lift, in order to guarantee accessibility.

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The construction plans were turned down – now the followers are worried

Many have followed with excitement how the stairs will actually take shape. Many have advised Pernilla to build a longer road, which makes the hill less steep, but takes up a little more space.

A solution she also thought felt good, and fought hard for. But on his own Instagram she says that she was refused by the municipality to build a so-called serpentine road. You could have taken the car up to the house on one of these, and it would have been easier if you came with a heavy load.

But it was a sharp no – and there will be a permanent staircase up to the house. In her podcast, she does reveal that it has a built-in heating coil, so it doesn’t have to be shoveled in the winter.

However, the followers do not seem satisfied with the solution. They raise a warning finger to Pernilla, and several are even really worried.

It is about how an ambulance should get up to the house, if the accident is imminent.

“But if an ambulance needs to come. How is the accessibility then? Damn stupid that a way up doesn’t go through” Writes an angry follower.

“Super sad that they have rejected a car road. But you can’t argue about safety… if it were to start a fire? The availability of fire trucks. If you needed an ambulance? An elevator could be a problem for the urgent problems.” Determining another.

Photo: TT

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