Pernilla Wahlgren’s shocking revelation with Christian Bauer after the wedding: "Soon"

Pernilla Wahlgren reveals her wedding thoughts after the weekend of love.

After the commercial: TV: Pernilla Wahlgren’s tears after the incident with Christian Bauer


This weekend was marked by love when Jessica Wahlgren married her new husband Magnus Norman.

On Saturday afternoon, they said yes to each other in front of family and friends – and there was another celebrity on site.

Jessica is Pernilla Wahlgren’s former sister-in-law but also best friend. Pernilla was therefore one of the bridesmaids at the dreamlike wedding, which seems to have set off some thoughts in Pernilla.

In the latest episode of the podcast Wahlgren & Wistam, it now seems that she has decided what she wants with her love Christian Bauer.

Pernilla and Sofia reveal the details of the Wahlgren wedding

The celebrity-dense three-day wedding took place in Grisslehamn. During the weekend, therefore, the guests stayed at the hotel Grisslehamn’s sea bath – a place that Pernilla now has a close connection to.

– It was very funny that it was right here. Because it was here that Christian showed me in Wahlgren’s world. He comes from Grisslehamn and we lived here on Valentine’s Day, she says podden.

When Pernilla and podcast colleague Sofia Wistam record the latest episode, they are on the hotel’s outdoor terrace. It’s the day after the big day and they look out over the sea in the radiant sun to the birds’ chirps, while they sip champagne.

– I am intoxicated by the love that flowed through the whole day and evening yesterday, says Pernilla and continues:

– It was nice, it was moving and a hell of a fun party.

Jessica and Magnus with marshals and bridesmaids after the wedding!

Karin Törnblom / TT

At the wedding, tears flowed among the guests as it witnessed the beautiful moment of love between Jessica and Magnus. But it became all the more emotional when the bridesmaids performed Kent’s hit song Undan dina breath.

Then it was off to the party room where there was dinner, speeches, dancing and performances on the schedule. Yes, both Lina Hedlund and Charlotte Perrelli offered a show that really kicked off the party.

Pernilla Wahlgren’s wedding thoughts with Christian Bauer

Both Pernilla and Sofia Wistam believe that these days have been magical. Pernilla even has so much love inside her after the weekend that she can now imagine standing in front of her loved ones and saying yes, to Christian.

– I’ll not say too much … but I got quite hungry, Pernilla reveals.

– Maybe there will be a party here again soon then, if we say so, Sofia answers.

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