Perotti on the violence in Rosario: "We cut ties to crime and there is no turning back"

The Governor of Santa Fe, Omar Perotti, affirmed this Wednesday at noon that his administration decided “to cut ties with crimes” and that this “has no turning back”, in clear reference to the situations of violence registered in Rosario during the last hours.

“There is a decision made which is to cut ties with crimes. A situation that clearly did not happen, which leads us to a profound change. Change that still does not have the dimension we want on a daily basis,” said the provincial president.

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And he added: “The citizens are observing and seeing things that were not happening. This is a snowball that was growing, and we made the firm decision to shrink it“.

Likewise, the governor asserted that today “the number of detainees led to the fact that today we have many police stations surpassed in the number of detainees because the prison service is not enough. The heavy investment has to do with expanding each of the dependencies and building municipalities where they are not. There were. There cannot be impunity for those who commit a crime. “

The request of the mayor of Rosario, Pablo Javkin

The mayor of Rosario, Pablo Javkin, led an emergency meeting with the councilors on Wednesday morning, whom he summoned due to the new wave of violence that is shaking the city.

At the meeting, the local president discussed new intervention strategies with bloc presidents from all political forces.

“What is very striking is that, in a very particular week, many events take place in a few hours. As if someone had opened a window. When so many events occur in a few hours, the vast majority ordered from prisons with convicted people, we are putting the rationality of the system at risk because if the person can commit crimes with the same ease as being free, so that we have a whole judicial system . We cannot mix this with any political or electoral debate”, He declared.

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