Perpetua a Villar, the fundamentals: "One of the most heinous facts of provincial criminology"

Thursday, November 25, 2021 | 9:22 p.m.

“Neither the vehicle nor the person who supposedly drove it ever existed; that their twisted ideas cannot and should not be interpreted except as crude maneuvers tending to create confusion, to make a scapegoat appear on the spectrum of the cause to wash it away. guilt regarding one of the most atrocious acts of provincial criminology “.

The statement corresponds to only a part of the forceful conclusions dumped by the magistrates of the Criminal Court One of Eldorado on the grounds of the sentence to life imprisonment handed down on November 9 against the former soldier Carlos Luis Leandro Villar (21) as the only responsible for the femicide of Vilma Mercado (19), committed more than two years ago in Puerto Iguazú.

As planned, the resolution in which the magistrates present the arguments for their decision was communicated this week and the 94-sided brief – to which The territory He had access – he has the initial vote of the President of the Court, Ángel Atilio León, who was joined by his peers María Teresa Ramos and Liliana Komisarski (substitute).

In his vote, León anticipates that the Court’s decision fully coincides with everything stated and requested in his argument by the prosecutor Federico Rodríguez. “In the present process, there is no evidence that is useful to disprove the allegations made regarding the person of the accused Villar,” Magistrate León emphasizes at the beginning of his conclusions, while adding that “on the contrary, there is abundant charge material that places him as sole responsible “.

Along these lines, the president of the body reviews the evidence collected during the investigation, as well as the testimonies collected during the four hearings of the oral debate held between November 1 and 9 in Eldorado.

The victim’s relatives testified on the first day of the debate. PHOTO: Matías Bordón

In this way, in the first place León ponders and highlights the work carried out by both Vilma’s relatives and friends, who during the first hours of the case -and while the young woman remained missing-, carried out their own investigation in which they concluded that Villar may have been the last person to be with the girl.

As stated in the debate, the witnesses recalled that on October 23, 2019, Vilma said that that night she planned to meet a boy and that her last message (with a selfie attached) was issued at 00.04 on the 24th.

It was after his disappearance that his inner circle began to piece together to establish who could have that boy with the Vilma was going to meet. In this way, they remembered that she intended to join the Army and that lately she was talking with a young man whom she called “Leo.”

With these data, they reviewed Vilma’s friends on Facebook and located Villar, who also appeared in uniform in his profile photo.

Based on these testimonies, León concluded that “there is no doubt then, that the entrance door that allowed Villar to be in Vilma’s life in some way, was nothing other than her need to fulfill a longed-for dream, to enter and belong to some force (…) and that this opportunity was vilely used by the indicated one (by Villar) to carry out his most twisted wishes. “

The magistrate also analyzed the statements made by the accused during the first debate hearing, in which he admitted several central points of the case but pleaded not guilty to the crime, noting that that night Vilma was seen with another person who was driving a Volkswagen Gol Trend black, while trying to explain the origin and why of each of the evidence that links him to the event.

The grounds for the ruling are the initial vote of Ángel Atilio León, president of TP Uno de Eldorado. PHOTO: Matías Bordón

For the President of the Court and relying on the conclusions of the psychological expertise incorporated into the file, Villar “constantly sought to close each and every one of the aspects that compromised him, in some cases with trivial and inconsequential arguments, and in others with puerile comments. and ill-intentioned that only in the head of a subject of insensitive and impulsive personality could fit “.

The magistrate considered that Villar’s statement had three main axes. The first aimed to locate a third party in the scene (theory of the black Volkswagen), while the other two sought to justify the discovery in their house of a tape with identical characteristics to the one used to suffocate Vilma and a condom in which there was DNA mixed with high probabilities that they belonged to both Villar and the victim.

Based on what was collected, León considered that there is no element that supports the hypothesis of a third party in the event, while regarding the justifications of the tape and the prophylactic, he pointed out that the versions given by the accused were “naive” and “fantastic” speculations, while other fragments of his testimony were “absurd and childish excuses.”

The president of the court also turned out as key evidence for the case the DNA studies, the bite that the victim gave the defendant in one of his hands and the last geolocation expertise that located the telephone numbers of Vilma and Villar in the vicinity of the The scene of the event between 12:01 am and 12:01 am on October 24, 2019, during which time the crime is considered to have been committed.

“Needless to say then, that with the aforementioned information there were no longer any doubts that the accused and not another person was the one who had been with Vilma in the place where he finally decided to kill her with fury and for pleasure (…) he transferred her directly to the point where, with contempt for the woman’s life, he proceeded with the savagery typical of a subject capable of feeling guilt, to subject her sexually and then take her life “, Magistrate León and the others emphasize almost at the end of his vote. Members of the Tribunal adhere.

María Laura Danielsson, one of Vilma’s friends who testified in the debate. PHOTO: Matías Bordón

It was from all these considerations and conclusions that the Court decided to sentence Villar to life imprisonment for the crimes of “sexual abuse with carnal access and simple robbery, in real competition with aggravated homicide criminis causa in ideal competition with femicide and murder perpetrated for pleasure “.

In this way, unless an appeal is successful, the former soldier must serve at least 35 years of effective prison and could only access a possible freedom conditions in 2054.

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