Persistent cough and shortness of breath after corona infection: what to do with long-Covid symptoms?

shortness of breath, cough and shortness of breath are just some of the consequences in which around ten percent of all people infected with the coronavirus are still struggling weeks and months after the illness. This phenomenon is called “Long Covid” or “post covid”. What is meant by this is that the disease is the cause of other symptoms, even if the disease itself has long since been overcome.

Lung doctors also report on patients who only start weeks after a mild course of the disease complaints developed. The fact that the symptoms only appear weeks after the illness shows how different people’s immune response to the infection is. The immune system deploys defense cells in order to be able to fight the pathogen. This is to prevent the virus from spreading.

Immune reaction can lead to persistent long-term consequences

Normally it should Immune reaction subside after the illness. However, if it persists, this can lead to respiratory problems such as shortness of breath, cough and asthma to lead, found a British study that dealt with the consequences of the Delta variant, out of here. However, a persistent cough does not always have to mean a long-Covid illness. In this article we will clarify whether it is long-Covid or possibly lung cancer.

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As part of the study, Long Covid patients Scarring in the tissue can be detected. Noisy Study results of the Berlin Charité are the symptoms in patients after mild COVID infection unrelated to organ damage.

Post-Covid expert Carmen Scheibenbogen explains the phenomenon to the NDR program “Visite”: “Especially when everything is fine when examining the lungs themselves, it becomes less likely that the lungs themselves are the problem. In such a case, we assume that the lungs may be getting the signal ‘Continue breathing faster’ . We often see in such cases that the muscles are undersupplied with oxygen. That explains this subjective feeling of shortness of breath.” Noisy Research data from Queen Mary University of London however, the omicron variant carries a lower risk of Long Covid.

Omicron infections can also trigger long-Covid, says an expert

The study’s lead researcher, Claire Steves, stated: “The Omicron variant appears to have a significantly lower chance of triggering Long Covid than previous variants – yet one in 23 people who contract Covid-19 will have symptoms for more than four weeks.

Do you suffer after one corona infection about one dry persistent cough, this can also affect everyday life. It can last from a few weeks to many months after the illness. Those affected complain about reduced performance in connection with the long-term side effects.

The healing process of Covid patients covers a wide range. It ranges from complete healing and full recovery to previous health in most patients, to the few people who respond to a lung transplant were dependent. A UK study of Covid patients admitted to hospitalshows that fewer than three out of ten patients have fully recovered from the infection.

Therapy options for long-Covid

The study raises the possibility that monoclonal antibody therapies and antiviral drugs can reduce the likelihood of long covid, although efficacy has not yet been definitively proven. According to the researchers, there are also indications that “multidisciplinary rehabilitation measures” can improve the patient’s chances of recovery.

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The one so far most effective Protection from Long Covid is still the Corona vaccination. It minimizes the risk of infection with SARS-CoV-2 and reduces the likelihood of becoming seriously ill. according to the Research data from a British study protects a second dose of vaccine at least two weeks before infection to around 41 percent before Long Covid. Data from Israel confirm this result.

Most Long covid symptoms don’t seem life threatening but things like shortness of breath or tiredness can lead to limitations in everyday life. For some Covid recoveries, the infection can damage vital organs and worsen other illnesses, the effects of which may take months to become apparent.

Drastic long-term consequences after illness are possible

self one Cardiac arrest, stroke, heart failure, pulmonary embolism, myocarditis and chronic kidney disease can be favored by a long-Covid illness. In addition, physicians were able to determine that the Cases of Covid-related diabetes have increased.

One Study from February, referring to the database of American war veterans based, showed that the virus that risk of heart disease for at least a year after recovery, even if the disease is mild.

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