Personal service: the essential role of carers



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It is a profession of the future which recruits, but it is nevertheless difficult to find candidates or rather candidates, because most of the carers are women. Many are struggling for their profession to be better recognized and better paid.

To the Cayrol, north of Aveyron, in the heart of Aubrac, Mireille Septfond, carer, starts her day. She knows the place well, she has worked with Gilberte Lacan since the death of her husband, fifteen years ago. “I know her well, she does her job well. She is so nice to me ”, explains Gilberte Lacan, 85, moved.

Between the two women, the complicity is installed. If Mireille comes to do the housework, the caregiver is above all a presence to share simple and essential things such as preparing meals. “We are there to stimulate them (…) and that’s very good, she sees that she can still do something”, specifies Mireille Septfond, auxiliary of ADMR life in Aveyron. “If I didn’t like this job, I wouldn’t”, specifies the one who has thirty-six years of experience.

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