‘Peru Has Talent’ and ‘La Voz Generations’ are confirmed for 2022 in Latina: Check out the other premieres here

Through a commercial presentation of Latina Television, the main leaders of the channel revealed the news for the 2022 programming.

At the entertainment level, Latina announced the return of “Yo Soy: Nueva Generación”, “Perú Has Talento”, “La Voz Senior” and “La Voz Generations”.

In addition, Latina continues to bet on national productions and after the success of the series “Los Otros Libertadores”, the programming and content manager Luis Guillermo Camacho announced the launch of a new national fiction, which will portray how families live, think and dream Peruvian, to this is added the entry of new Turkish novels and new movie premieres.

At the press level, Latina Television announced the launch of a regional newscast, Trujillo being its first headquarters.

The sport is no stranger to the news that the channel brings, Max Iglesias, commercial manager, pointed out that Latina Television became the official channel of the Qatar 2022 World Cup and of the national team, which have been supported by the audience during the qualifying matches .

Latina announced her news for 2022. (Photo: Latina).

“The surprises not only remain with the aforementioned ads, because next year we will become a multiplatform channel to reach more Peruvians 24 hours a day through the first screen, web, Latina app and social networks”, reported Patricio Hernández, general manager of Latina Television.

“The world has changed, Peruvians are consuming content on all platforms and we, from this moment, stopped being a television channel to become a multiplatform content house”, added.

Latina announced her news for 2022. (Photo: Latina).
Latina announced its news for 2022. (Photo: Latina).

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