Peru: President not allowed to leave country

In the power struggle between the opposition and the government in Peru, the parliament has banned President Pedro Castillo from traveling abroad. Last night (local time), parliament rejected the head of state’s request to travel to Bogota for the inauguration of the new Colombian President Gustavo Petro on Sunday.

Reuters/Ernesto Arias/Peru Congress

In Peru, as in a number of Latin American countries, Congress has to approve any trip abroad by the head of state.

Several investigations are currently underway against Castillo, including charges of interference with military and police promotions and obstruction of justice.

Opposition sees “message”

“This is a message from Congress not only to Peru but also to the international community: we cannot allow a person who has five charges before the Attorney General’s Office to travel abroad and represent Peru,” opposition MP Alejandro said Munante the radio station RPP. “The Peruvians do not feel represented by President Castillo.”

Peru has been in a deep political crisis for years. Parliament and government in particular regularly exchange blows. Castillo has survived two impeachment trials so far. Two of Castillo’s predecessors were removed from office in similar proceedings.

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