Peruvian Cable TV Association claims abuse by DirecTV and Latina for rights to Qatar 2022 World Cup matches

This Sunday, November 20, began the World Cup Qatar 2022 and more than one soccer fan had the illusion of being able to watch the 64 games of the important tournament live and on Latina Television, just as the channel on Avenida San Felipe had announced. However, the reality was different and only 32 games will be broadcast and the other 32 games can be seen on a deferred basis.

If Peruvians want to watch the 64 matches of the world’s most important soccer tournament live, users will have to purchase a cable service, specifically DirecTV.

Faced with this situation, this outlet contacted Emilio Rossi, general manager of the Peruvian Cable Television Association (APTC). As he pointed out, the members of the association have been harmed because currently there is an affectation to free competition, since it seeks to withdraw the other cable operators in Peru from the market and leave only DirecTV and Latina as the only providers of the World Cup matches, as happened in Russia 2018.

“In Peru there is a strategic coalition or vertical alliances that create a mess regarding exclusive content and that hurt the market. In other words, there should be a precedent, where content, in this case the World Cup, should not be the exclusive property of a single cable operator. That’s anti-competitive.”indicated Emilio Rossi.

In addition, the representative of the APTC expressed his concern about the rights of the 2026 World Cup: “There is a latent risk that this will happen again in the next World Cup, where all Peruvians can only watch this important championship through a single cable operator. I consider this to be a danger, because I ask myself this question: Where does DirecTV arrive in the province?

“In the depths of the country, the Movistar signal does not reach, much less DirecTV. All this population, which is a consumer of soccer, unfortunately cannot enjoy the matches due to the disorder that Latina Television generates.”he added.

Currently, OSIPTEL sanctioned Latina and DirecTV with 6.8 million soles for anti-competitive conduct. Both companies prevented the retransmission of the 2018 Russia World Cup matches to companies competing with DirecTV. Both companies agreed to exclude pay television operators – DirecTV competitors – from the possibility of retransmitting the Latina signal for a period that included the 2018 Soccer World Cup, a fact that the Permanent Collegiate Body considered a vertical collusive practice.

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