Peruvian fan “had faith” in Costa Rica and bet a large sum of money: he ended up devastated by a landslide from Spain

The Spanish team overwhelmed Costa Rica 7-0, thus signing one of the biggest wins in the history of the World Cups. The historic result in Qatar 2022 left many fans happy, although there was more than one fan who was devastated by this score. Surprisingly, a Peruvian was one of those who ended up sad for this match.

From the previous one, Spain started as the favorite according to the bookmakers. That is why many fans decided to bet on a possible bump, as happened this Wednesday with Japan’s victory over Germany.

It was the case of a fan who bet 1,000 soles for the victory of Costa Rica, who paid a fee of 16.50 soles at the bookmaker I Bet. Thus, he would make a profit of S / 16,500 if the crash occurred … which did not.

The image of this bet went viral on social networks, since he did not have the luck of another Peruvian fan, who had bet on Tuesday for the Saudi Arabia coup against Argentina and ended up taking thousands of soles.

Historic triumph of Spain against Costa Rica in Qatar 2022 World Cup

Spain destroyed Costa Rica 7-0 in a categorical result that puts it as a great favorite to win group E of Qatar 2022. On the following day, Luis Enrique’s team must face Germany, in what will be their great test of fire in the group stage of the contest.

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