Peruvian television: What events had the highest rating in recent years? | VIDEO

There is no doubt that the TV It continues to be part of Peruvian families, because through this electronic device they have been able to witness historical moments in national and international soccer, as well as entertainment and political events, among others.

A video has been circulating through TikTok that shows the “Top 10 highest rating moments on Peruvian TV”, with data recorded by IBOPE. The clip has managed to capture the attention of Internet users because these events are remembered for more than a generation.

Next, we will review the . Probably, by taking a look at it, you could relive those emotions that they felt when they were spectators of these events that have marked a before and after in the history of Peruvian TV.

1. The wedding of Gisela Valcárcel and Roberto Martínez

27 years have passed since Gisela Valcárcel and Roberto Martínez said yes; However, the moment is remembered by many because it had a special broadcast on TV, since it was the union of the “queen of TV” and one of the most sought-after soccer players of the time.

2. End of the second season of “In the background there is room”

No one can deny that the series “In the background there is a place” is one of the favorites and most successful on Peruvian television. And although some think that the most popular moment was the last chapter of season 8, the truth is that it achieved a higher rating with the final chapter of the second season, released on December 10, 2010.

Chapter 391, of the series that was broadcast on America Television, reached peaks of 59.8 ratings on the day of its broadcast. That episode showed the moment in which the wedding of Charito (Mónica Sánchez) and Raúl (Christian Thorsen) is interrupted by the arrival of Lucho Gonzáles (Bruno Odar), who was believed dead until then.

3. Friendly: Peru vs. Iceland

On March 27, 2018, the Peruvian team faced Iceland in a friendly match played at the Red Bull Arena in New Jersey, United States. The meeting generated the attention of the audience, as it had a 50.8 rating. And it managed to become one of the most watched meetings of recent years on Peruvian television.

4. World Cup Final 2010

The 2010 World Cup in South Africa, in which Spain was crowned world champion for the first time, had one of the highest ratings in recent times. It reached peaks of 52.7 rating.

5. Copa America 2011: Peru vs. Uruguay

The 1-1 draw between Peru and Uruguay in the debut of both teams in the 2011 Copa America Argentina was the most watched. The football match that left according to the Peruvian fans reached 37.4 points.

6. Friendly: Peru vs. Scotland

On May 29, 2018, the friendly match between Peru and Scotland took place, which would be the last one held in Lima prior to the 2018 Russia World Cup. As expected, the confrontation broadcast by America Television caught the attention of the audience and reached a rating of 54.4 points.

7. World Cup 2018: Peru vs. Denmark

The return of the Peruvian team to a World Cup event after 36 years did not go unnoticed. The red-and-white didn’t do well in her match against Denmark; however, it became one of the most tuned-in broadcasts in Latina, the channel on which the meeting was broadcast.

Peru’s match against Denmark in Russia 2018 obtained an average rating of 56.3 points.

8. Copa America 2019: Peru vs. Brazil

The meeting between Peru and Brazil in the final match for the 2019 Copa America, played at the legendary Maracaná Stadium, generated a lot of expectation among viewers and a high number of audiences in the country.

The Peruvians encouraged their team to the last, as it was evidenced by achieving 59.3 rating points. The sporting event was broadcast by America Television.

9. Copa America 2019: Peru vs. Chili

America Television presented the game of the ‘Clásico del Pacífico’ that would define the passage to the final. Peru prevailed on the scoreboard 3-0. The stars of the match were Paolo Guerrero and Renato Tapia. And America Television also won with its transmission, as it managed to get 62.5 rating points.

10. Qualifiers 2018: Repechage Peru vs. New Zealand

After Peru obtained the right to play the playoff against its counterpart from New Zealand, the Peruvian fans followed the confrontation and managed to get a rating of 63.1.

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