Peruvians criticize FIFA for photo of Vidal covering their country

Football classics always have a moment when some controversy starts before the games. Although over time this has been put aside, at the national level they do not go unnoticed. The duel between Chile and Peru is agreed to be played in the first days of October and tempers are already starting to flare in the neighboring country.

FIFA caused some controversy among Peruvian fans who were not at all happy with the photo they shared on social networks. In the image you can see a photo with the greatest exponents of South American football, among which the midfielder and youth squad from Colo Colo, Arturo Vidal, stood out.

The fans of the Peruvian national team were upset with seeing King covering their territory on the map, where they quickly began to make the corresponding requests for this to be modified and that they added striker Paolo Guerrero.

“Take out this self-styled King Arturo and give me Paolo Guerrero”commented one of the fans of the Inca team. But it was not the only one, since they also added “FIFA, how are you going to put Vidal in the part of Peru, don’t be bad?”, they ended up concluding.

Peruvian fans criticized a FIFA photo with Arturo Vidal. (Photo: Capture)

Peruvian fans criticized a FIFA photo with Arturo Vidal. (Photo: Capture)

More than a few fans criticized the measure of the sports entity in football with the presence of the Inter midfielder in the section of Chile and Peru. The meeting between both teams does not yet have an official scheduled date, but what is clear is that the confrontation will be played in Lima.

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