Peruvians spend 5 hours a day watching TV, according to survey

Television is uniquely important because it reaches 95% of the region’s population, it is the main source of reliable information and entertainment that generates purchases and sales with high levels of engagement, interaction and debate with the audience.

This is confirmed by a survey carried out by Kantar IBOPE Media within the framework of World TV Day which was on November 21, but which celebrates all this week. This document shows that Latin Americans consume almost 6 hours of content in this medium daily. The data takes into account television consumption in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru.

Strength and credibility

41% of people in Latin America indicate that new forms and services of video transmission, such as streaming, have changed the way they consume television. Movies (87%) and news (83%) are the genres most consumed by Latin American audiences; while sports programs, soap operas, national or foreign, and series complete the top 5.

The overall ranking for the region is similar to the individual country analyzes. However, it should be noted that Colombia, Chile, Argentina and Mexico keep movies as their favorite genre. On the other hand, in Ecuador, Brazil and Peru, the informative programs are the most consumed.

At a time when we are bombarded with information everywhere and at all times, television is still the most reliable source. What appears on the screen is the script for all the discussions and news from the other platforms”, Explains Antonio Wanderley, CEO of Kantar IBOPE Media for the entire region. “While before television was restricted to the time when the family was sharing intimate moments at home, today TV is with the population throughout the day, anywhere there will be someone watching a video”, Says the executive.

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TV consumption in Peru

In the country, television is also considered one of the media with the greatest potential to reach. According to studies by Kantar IBOPE Media:

  • More than 90% of Peruvian households watched TV in recent months.
  • Each person spent more than 5 hours a day with the TV on, approximately 10 more minutes compared to 2020.
  • Considering the prime block (7:00 pm – 12:00 am) as the king of the national ignition.
  • The profile of the national television audience has an age range of 26 years and over; being women, the majority group of socioeconomic levels C, D and E.

It should be noted that the behavior in front of TV programming is varied; In other words, currently the preferred genres in Peru are diverse, among them are: newscasts, political and game shows, sporting events, series, comedies and novels.


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