Peter Forsberg and his wife about the difficult joint decision – feel sorry for the son

Peter Forsberg and Nicole Nordin have made a joint decision about the future.

Peter Forsberg was at the end of his hockey career when he met Nicole Nordin. The year was 2009 – and at that time Nicole was still studying at the Stockholm School of Economics. It all developed into a flash romance, because already the following year Peter and Nicole had become engaged.

Since then, their life together has undergone major, revolutionary changes.

Peter Forsberg and Nicole Nordin on their joint decision

Nicole Nordin and Peter Forsberg

Nicole Nordin and Peter Forsberg are two busy people.

Nicole runs her shoe company, which is based in Switzerland. But the move was a big change for the family.

– For us adults, the move went smoothly, but for Lennox in particular, it was tough the first time. Now, after living there for over a year, things have fallen into place. The children have made friends and have their activities, says Nicole in an interview with Amelia.

Peter is also an established businessman, with responsibility for the investment company and co-ownership in the real estate group Lerstenen. He and Nicole both count Switzerland as their fixed point – but the work forces them to move a lot.

– To be seen so rarely is of course not something you strive for, but it has been almost inevitable during the early toddler years. We have become better at setting aside time for each other and not just seeing each other at the airport when someone is on the road, as it looked for a short period, says Nicole.

“Important to set clear boundaries”

For Nicole, it has been important to allocate time so that her career does not take over her entire life. She got a kind of awakening after a lecture on the topic.

– I brought with me a number of life questions that are important to answer, such as: “Who do you want to have breakfast with?” and: “How many hours do you want to sleep every day?” Every now and then I realized that I want to own my agenda. The downside of entrepreneurship is that there is always more to do – you are never really done. That is why it is important to set clear boundaries, she says.

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