Petit Stream, the site to promote young Twitch steamers in France

Getting started in streaming and gaining notoriety is not easy. A web developer has launched a site that serves to give more visibility to beginners who do not yet have a community.

Nowadays, many young French men and women are getting into the streaming industry, hoping to achieve notoriety as great as the tenors of the genre. Pure passion or professional ambition? In any case, there is no shortage of opportunities: video games, debates, cooking, reactions, music, art…

On the other hand, building a community is the most difficult for these budding padawans. But, thanks to the work of a web developer, this visibility deficit could soon be partially resolved thanks to an encouraging initiative: highlighting streamers and streamers without an audience for ten minutes, in order to give it a chance.

The initiative, led by a user calling himself Clarence Dandridge, is reminiscent of other similar projects, such as, a site to find Twitch channels where there is absolutely no one. Here, with Little Stream (that’s the name of the project), someone with less than five viewers is broadcast for ten minutes.

The project was shared on Reddit by this Clarence Dandridge, but also relayed on Twitter by Mymy Haegel, the former editor-in-chief of Madmoizelle.

A site to promote young streamers in France

In order to help new streamers, some big names on Twitch have already shared their personal or professional experiences in the medium. This is the case, for example, of Sixen : a player League of Legends having had a difficult start on Twitch, but who has now managed to put his name on the panel of the most famous videographers and the best French players of the famous MOBA from Riot Games.

Moreover, he shared a YouTube video on his channel, to explain how to start well on Twitch in 2022.

Like these gaming and Twitch personalities who have managed to make their mark and who have since shared their experience and their tips to explain how they managed projects such as Nobody to those who would like to try the adventure. live and Petit Stream go in the same direction.

How does it happen ? It’s simple: the site allows you to discover beginner French streamers who are alone to put them on the front of the stage. The site states that ” streams are randomly selected by an algorithm that uses the Twitch API to find French-language channels that have been live for at least 15 minutes and have less than 5 viewers. »

This site promotes young French streamers. // Source : Little Stream

On RedditClarence Dandridge claims to have been motivated to create this site by an article published in the newspaper The world. In it, we learn that ” 95% of streamers in France produce content for 5 viewers or less “. Thus, only a small elite manage to make themselves known at least, thanks to hard work, luck and contacts, to then start a career in this environment.

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