Petra Mede told by SVT – after the behavior of Carina Bergfeldt: "Sick"

Carina Bergfeldt and Petra Mede

Now one of the guests who participated in Carina Bergfeldt’s talk show tells about the event that the viewers did not get to see.

Carina Bergfeldt’s talk show has been running like crazy since its premiere last year. Guests from Sweden, and different corners of the world, have visited the journalist on the sofa for many wonderful laughs and serious conversations.

But the laughter in particular might be too much at times. The artist Little Jinder, who was a guest on the show, now tells us in the podcast Forum with Saga and Myrna.

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Was asked to tag down by SVT

It was a colorful crowd that gathered in the TV studio last week at Carina’s. Comedian Petra Mede, racing driver Marcus Ericsson, artist Little Jinder and Roy Rizk, former gang criminal who now works as an actor.

Despite their different interests, sparks seem to have struck on the couch. The artist Little Jinder and Petra Mede really found each other and happily joked with each other during the evening.

But it wasn’t really desirable. Little Jinder, or Josefin Jinder, as she is actually called, says in the podcast Forum with Saga and Myrna that they were asked to “tag down” the production.

It was before former gang member Roy Rizk was to settle down that the call came.

– When he would come in, it was a bit messy, we had to move, and then they said “maybe we tone it down a bit, now we hold back” and we just “yes, okay?”, she says in the podcast.

The guests in Carina Bergfeldt's talk show.  Roy Rizk, Little Jinder, Petra Mede and Marcus Eriksson.

The guests had a little too much fun. Little Jinder, second from left, recounts the event viewers didn’t get to see.

Photo: Annika Berglund/Monkberry

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Carina Bergfeldt’s response to the criticism

It didn’t go down well with the artist, who was a little surprised by the “statement”. She means that she is 34, and Petra 50, and that of course they know when the tone needs to become more serious.

– It’s not like we’re going to sit with the same tone, and like “hash-Janne!”, she says in the podcast and continues:

– It was so sick. And anxious about SVT, I think.

When The evening paper reaches Carina Bergfeldt, she says that she was not there to hear when the guests were told.

“Right here, the guests had such incredibly lovely and joking chemistry, so someone has probably just said that it will now be a more serious interview, with no other intention than to inform about a change of pace,” she writes in a text message to the newspaper.

Photo: TT/SVT

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