Petra Mede’s filthy features in front of Doctor Mikael make Lotta Engberg react

Mikael Sandström, Petra Mede, Lotta Engberg

Petra Mede really took the turns with her joke, which made Lotta Engberg react …

Lotta Engberg and Mikael “Soldoktorn” Sandström fell in love with the whole Swedish people, and have been very generous in giving us an insight into the relationship. Maybe even more now, when they both participated in the same program!

When Lotta and Mikael sat on the expert sofas in Hjulet, Petra Mede could not hold on. She took the opportunity to make a really filthy joke about the couple – and the reactions speak for themselves.

Lotta’s words about Mikael

The romance between the TV profiles has, to say the least, changed the lives of both of them. Mikael had lived alone for a long time, but has since a year ago become a cohabitant with his girlfriend Lotta.

Even for Lotta, the relationship has meant a change – in itself. In Nyhetsmorgon, she was asked what the best thing about Mikael is.

– It is a lot. I’ve told you, being with Mikael has made me angrier, more annoyed, more intelligent and happier. All the emotional spectrum has been built on. It sounded negative, but it is not, says Lotta Engberg.

The fact that the couple lives together naturally leads to a bit of everyday life, something they have talked about openly. Sometimes it even happens that Lotta and Mikael work together, like now! And then came the unexpected comment …

Petra’s cock in transmission

Lotta and Doctor Mikael were experts in the program The Wheel. Each episode has a new celebrity panel in the studio, and everyone has their own subject, their area of ​​expertise.

Lotta’s subject was musicology, and Doctor Mikael had obviously chosen medicine. Also in the studio was the profile Carin da Silva, with the subject dogs. It is also the subject that the participant chooses.

– Then we have a woman who knows quite a lot about dogs, says Petra, but it lights up at Lotta Engberg instead.

Then the quick-witted Petra Mede takes the opportunity to send out a filthy joke.

– It is not Lotta who drives doggy-style but it is… Carin, says Petra and when Lotta understands the jokes she hides her face in her hands and looks down.

– Or what do I know about it, Petra concludes, and we see luckily Lotta is laughing heartily, maybe a little nervous …

Photo: TV4

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