Petro and Le Pen; placebos and Houellebecq

The triumph of reason in times of unreason.

In Andalusia, Juan María Moreno beats the PSOE with solvency and Vox with wisdom, but he also beats Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s PP from Madrid.

Juanma Moreno’s goal was to make Ciudadanos disappear, keeping all of its votes, and not allowing itself to be mimicked by the extreme right. She made it.

Juanma Moreno has shown that the triumph of reason can occur in times of injustice, or if you prefer, in times when people think they find the truth on Twitter.

Diderot and D’Alembert never imagined that their great Encyclopédie would become the most dazzling ever written for its particular constellation of politics, economics, stubbornness and revolutionary ideas that put the Church and the Crown in check. Now it’s up to Michel Houellebecq to become the Black Mirror of French letters to project Renaud Camus’s nightmare of cultural replacement. Meanwhile, we see the rise of the party of Marine Le Pen whose party multiplied by 11 the number of seats last election Sunday.

Macron thought that after his electoral revalidation in May, the duet of Le Pen and Mélenchon would not be able to undermine his strength in the Assembly. He was wrong.

Be careful not to underestimate Houellebecq. He was not wrong in reading in advance the attack in Bali (Platform, editorial Anagrama) nor in the flourishing of the cantamañanas type Éric Zemmour (Submission) nor in the disappearance of the French Socialist Party (Annihilation). Literature arouses more confidence than politicians.

Gustavo Petro wins the presidency, but he will lose the dogma that kept him in political life for several years. He wins, but he will lose his velvety rhetoric of revolutionary utopia.

Petro has covered the entire navigation chart: he will go from arms to the presidential sash.

Petro cultivated for decades the discourse forged in the shortcomings and suggestions of half the population. He will now have four years to serve the population segment whose political leaders were his antagonists.

If he does not, he will join the select group of autocrats headed by Daniel Ortega, Nicolás Maduro and Miguel Díaz-Canel.

The night of his victory surely disappointed many who wanted the dismantling of capitalism to establish the ideals of the April 19 movement (M19).

The same thing happened with Boric. Rhetoric makes fly. Reality requires having your feet on the ground.

We are in a war economy. Inflation, as proof.

If the politician allows himself to be kidnapped by dogma, it is best to read Houellebecq’s work.

There is no other alternative.


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