Petro triumphs in Colombia; ask for agreement

Bogota, Col.- Colombia turned to the left and elected Gustavo Petro, a former M-19 guerrilla, former Mayor of Bogotá and contender for the post for the third time, as President.

Petro obtained 50.4 percent of the vote with more than 11 million 200 thousand votes for 10 million 500 thousand of his opponent (47.3 percent), businessman Rodolfo Hernández.

The new President, 62 years old, yesterday called for a “great national agreement” to build the reforms that the country needs, hand in hand with Colombian men and women.

“It is not a change to deepen sectarianism in Colombia (…) the change consists precisely in leaving hatred behind,” he said, saying that he will not use power to “destroy the opponent.”

In a rally before thousands of supporters gathered in an auditorium in Bogotá, Petro said last night that he will promote a “policy of understanding and dialogue.” The winner was accompanied by Francia Márquez, future vice president, an environmentalist, feminist, Afro-Colombian leader from Cauca.

Different Latin American leaders immediately congratulated him.

AMLO, who even called to vote for him, provoking a claim from the Colombian Foreign Ministry, and usually waits days to recognize leaders, congratulated Petro, described his victory as “historic” and said that it may be “the end of the curse” of violence. that has plagued that country for decades.

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