Petrol, gas, taxes… Gabriel Attal announces measures in favor of purchasing power

At the end of the last Council of Ministers under the governance of Jean Castex, a set of measures were announced by Gabriel Attal. They aim to reduce certain expenses linked to inflation to support the purchasing power of some French people.

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This Wednesday, May 11 was a symbolic and certainly moving date for a large part of the government. It was indeed the last Council of Ministers headed by John Castex, while the reshuffle that will anchor Emmanuel Macron at the start of his new mandate must take place. And on this occasion, strong measures were announced. Olivier Véran first spoke at a press conference to indicate that the end of the obligation to wear a mask in transport would be effective from next Monday. This was the last measure in force linked to the health crisis. And in the process, the government spokesman Gabriel Attal offered the prospect of a second breath of fresh air, financial this time. Taking into account inflation and the consequences that the conflict in Ukraine has on the wallets of the French people, it was recorded several ways to support purchasing power.

A boost in gas and fuel consumption

We will propose to extend the tariff shield on energy prices until the end of 2022, he said in particular. This measure, in force for several months and already extended for the first time on February 16, aims to protect individual residential gas consumers against rising prices, for homes heated by collective gas heating or by an urban network using gas. natural, can we read in particular on the government’s website. Gabriel Attal also announces a new device “sustainable and better targeted than the 18 cent discount for fuel prices, which will obviously be continued”.

Increased social benefits, end of the TV license fee, food vouchers…

In addition to gas and gasoline boosts, the state is planning other things, such as tax cuts, with the abolition of the contribution to public broadcasting. This was one of Emmanuel Macron’s campaign promises. The work will also be “valued”with the tripling of the Macron Prime, the reduction of charges for the self-employed and the unfreezing of the point on the public service. On July 1, social benefits will also be increased in order to best help people in difficulty. At last, retirement pensions will also be increasedwhile measures will be put in place food vouchers from this summer.

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