Pets: Beware of canine leptospirosis, know how to prevent it

One of the diseases that is not heard much about, but is no less dangerous for that, is canine leptospirosis, a lethal bacterium for dogs, and that, in addition, by its nature can be transmitted to humans, having very serious consequences for pet owners.

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“Currently, this disease is present throughout the world and is caused by a spirochete bacterium called leptospira. The contagion originates from consuming water contaminated with the urine of an infected animal or is also caused by direct contact of this water with an open wound. Unfortunately, there are many types of leptospirosis and the most common in dogs is canicola and icterohaemorrhagiae”, comment Franco Mauri, director of the Companion Animals Unit of MSD Animal Health Peru.

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The leptospirosis It can be transmitted to humans through contact with the urine or blood of infected animals. In the case of dogs, they can be infected by living with other dogs, farm animals or wild animals that have been exposed to this bacteria. That is why it is important to take care of the hygiene of our pets and the family, since being infected could cause the death of dogs, as well as people.


● Symptoms. They are very varied and on many occasions they are similar to infectious diseases; however, its evolution and outcome is much faster, so the most common symptoms are: high fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, dark urine, acute kidney failure, severe dehydration, tiredness and congestion of the mucous membranes.

Diagnosis. In order to determine if your dog suffers from this disease,It is recommended to go to a veterinary doctor to perform a blood test to detect antibodies made against bacteria in the blood.

Treatment. Unlike infections caused by viruses, leptospirosis is a bacterial disease, and for that reason can be treated with various antibioticssupply rehydrating salts, specific medications to control nausea, pain and medication to limit extensive organ damage.


“In the case of humans, the most characteristic symptoms are fever, headache, pain particularly in the calf muscle, conjunctival infection, yellowish skin and general malaise, to name a few, which is why it is important to vaccinate our pets annually. , to protect them from this disease, for example, at MSD Animal Health we have developed an effective solution for correct control of leptospirosis, preventing them from getting sick and not continuing to spread the bacteria”Franco Mauri concluded.

Leptospirosis represents an important public health problem, and many times the most affected are our pets, since humans, being in constant contact with the outside world, bring home many diseases or pests that end up harming the health of the home; That is why it is important to comply with the vaccination and deworming schedule together with regular visits to the veterinarian, in order to minimize the impact of this and other diseases.


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