Pets: Can cats and dogs be friends? How to get it?

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It is necessary to start by clarifying that a good relationship between cats and dogs will always depend on each of the animals in question, as well as the upbringing you have given them. However, there are some myths about the relationship between cats and dogs that originate from certain issues that Gabrica specialists will explain below.

In a wild state, dogs and cats are predators and prey, respectively. Some dogs attack cats to take care of their territory, for a defense reaction. So, at worst, they might do it by following a hunting instinct.

How to make your dog and cat get along?

If any of the pets has a well-developed instinct for coexistence, that is, if it was socialized from a very young age and enjoys a calm character, it is likely that it will lovingly accept the new member of the family, regardless of its species.


  • The cat’s vulnerability to the dog forces it to remain alert to these animals, especially if it is a pet whose scent or presence is unknown to it.
  • It is usually more common for the cat to get used to the presence of a puppy. The cat will simply stay away from the new family member while gaining his trust. When he feels the new tenant invading his space, he will draw his boundaries firmly, with a good snort or warning scratch.
  • However, if you have a very territorial cat at home, the one who could be in trouble is the puppy. Aggressive or territorial cats may view dogs as a threat to their safety, even if the dogs are well socialized and friendly. In these cases, the smaller animal will defend itself fiercely if it deems it necessary.


  • When the dog is already an adult and the one who comes home is a kitten, things get a little more complicated. Some dogs can be nervous, irritable and aggressive around smaller animals, especially when they were not properly socialized as puppies. In this case, the threat does not fall only on a cat, but could turn on another small breed dog, a rabbit, a bird or any other more fragile and vulnerable pet.
  • If you think that your dog has character problems and could become aggressive with the new pet, avoid adopting another pet. You could go through a very unfortunate experience.
  • The good thing is that the vast majority of dogs do not see cats as food, since most do not have such a developed hunting instinct that indicates that a pussycat is an animal that they have to catch.
  • What could happen, in any case, is that the dog does not see the cat as a friend or an equal, but as a toy. So, he will try to capture it, but not hunt it. At the same time, if a cat sees a dog as a playmate and not a predator, the kitten may try to play with it.

The only way to achieve this healthy coexistence is through proper socialization, especially if it is done from when both animals are small. A puppy and a kitten who grow up together can have a wonderful relationship as adults.


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