Pets: Who gets the dog or cat after a separation?

When a couple divorces or separates and they have a pet A question arises: Who does the ‘perrihijo’ or ‘gatihijo’ stay with? In our country there is no law that regulates this type of situation, so the decision that is made must be discussed between both parties, always thinking about what is best for the conceited four-legged person.

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“It is recommended that the pet stay with the person who takes care of it the most, with whom it has created a stronger emotional bond. In addition, you have to see the environment where it will be because this change will alter the behavior of the animal, generating episodes of aggression, stress and lack of appetite “, says the Gábrica’s veterinarian, Andrés Díaz.

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For many it may be an inconsequential issue to see who the pet gets, but it is not. They are part of the family and deserve to be treated as such. For this reason, both owners must talk about what the tenure will be like from now on, so that the welfare of the animal is not harmed. Talk about walks, medical consultations and the cost of food, among other topics.

It is normal that, at first, the dog or cat is sad because he feels that his family is not together, but they do not worry so much about it. Animals adapt quickly to changes; however, it is always important to give them support.


Avoid separating pets when they are two or more of the same species. This could be the trigger for a depressive or anxiety disorder for the animals.


Pets: Know what are the noises that your dog detests

Your pet has a high hearing sensitivity, so it reacts in different ways to certain noises. Find out which sounds your dog hates and makes him get upset, so you can avoid them.

Know what are the noises that your pet detests.

We know that dogs have a highly developed sense of hearingTherefore, there are some noises that annoy, alter and cause a lot of stress. Next we will explain what they are so that, as far as possible, you can avoid them.

These sounds can cause fear, anxiety and affect their health in a very negative way. Specialists from the Mundo Animal website indicate that among the most annoying noises are:

+ The fireworks. The pyrotechnics cause a deafening noise that dogs cannot bear.

+ Household appliances. Like mixers, blenders, vacuum cleaners.

+ Shooting. Like pyrotechnics, this noise is very loud and disturbs them.

+ The sirens, be it from the ambulance, fire department or police.

+ Horn. The prolonged and repetitive sound causes them stress.

+ Musical instruments, like the battery. The sound is very annoying to them and deeply irritates them.

If, when exposed to certain noises, you notice your dog nervous, panting excessively, his breathing quickens, he trembles and tries to run away, stay calm and do not yell at him or lock him up. Give him peace of mind and protection.

Sometimes it is difficult to prevent your dog from being exposed to annoying sounds. Therefore, one of the best strategies is to try to get used to these.


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