PF de Colo Colo amazed with the white midfield

Colo Colo left in the past the trauma experienced in 2020 and su almost descent in the best possible way, aiming high in this season 2021 and fighting to win the National Championship and the Chile Cup in this second half of the year.

One of the main responsible for this rise of Gustavo Quinteros’ team is Hugo Roldán, his physical trainer, who managed to lift the squad in his area to leave it in optimal conditions in this 2021, where an intense team is seen and that runs the 90 minutes of play.

In conversation with El Mercurio, PF albo stated that “When we arrived last year, the team had come from working with another methodology and the problem of the pandemic, all of that had an influence. Now, starting the preseason was key, from there you manage loads and give stimuli in relation to what Gustavo is looking for ”.

“I understand that modern football demands intensity and versatility, that means running back and forth”, added.

In that sense, the professional was amazed by the current midfield of the Cacique: “The planning is individual and of course also general. We seek to have powerful and fast attackers, strong and reactive defenders, and flyers with great aerobic capacity, and we are achieving it because (César) Fuentes, (Vicente) Pizarro and (Leonardo) Gil are a running machine ”.

Leonardo Gil has been one of the Cacique’s figures in this 2021 season. | Photo: UNO Agency.

“Mental makes the difference for two players with the same potential. Soft skills are important there, and emotional intelligence in group management, it is a bit of ego management (…) When we arrived, Morales was almost a basket case for the club and now he is living the best moment of his career. All that is comforting ”, Roldán concluded.

El Cacique is now preparing for two important matches this week, first against Unión Española for the first leg of the Copa Chile semifinals and then against Deportes Antofagasta for date 17 of the 2021 National Championship.

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