PFC-OL: Ferracci lights up classrooms in the cinema!

After the new incidents and the stoppage of the Coupe de France match against Olympique Lyonnais on Friday, Paris FC president Pierre Ferracci firmly reframed Jean-Michel Aulas. And for good reason, the Rhone boss is still trying to flee his responsibilities despite the unacceptable behavior of his supporters at the Charlty Stadium.

PFC-OL: Ferracci lights Aulas in full swing

Jean-Michel Aulas defends the indefensible.

Once again, French football finds itself confronted with new incidents in a stadium. And a president ready to defend his people.

Friday at the Charlty Stadium, while Paris FC and Olympique Lyonnais were about to start the second period, Rhone supporters visibly attacked Ile-de-France fans.

Aulas wants to share the note

The images and the testimonies are overwhelming. After a change of friendliness between the two camps, it was OL fans who launched fumigns towards a forum made up of families in particular. And who moved hooded with belts in hand … This violence inevitably created a crowd movement, with the invasion of the lawn and the final stoppage of the game 50 minutes later. But we should not expect Jean-Michel Aulas to be lucid. A month after the incidents at Olympico, the president of Lyon has certainly announced a complaint against his supporters involved. But the leader also accused the opposing camp.

Responsibilities are shared, it is a concern of society, Aulas said. A lot of things show me that we have a responsibility and that we are going to do the housework, but the first throws of fears on the Lyon fans were not made between the Lyon fans. I am told that PSG supporters were there, that the bugs came from Parisian supporters. I’m waiting to find out what really happened. We also saw on the ground that hundreds of people were not from Lyon.

OL accuses PSG fans

Fans of Paris Saint-Germain would therefore be partly responsible, information confirmed this Saturday by radio RMC with the presence of former Ultras from the club of the capital during the overflows. One argument among others which provoked the anger of his counterpart Pierre Ferracci. I sometimes defend Jean-Michel Aulas, but I also sometimes say that we must stop delusional, replied the president of Paris FC. (…) Jean-Michel Aulas must stop with shared responsibilities, this is not true. It is pure and simple madness. He’s going to make things worse. I told him that he was going to take French football a step further if he didn’t clean up. He must take his responsibilities.

It was he who came to tell me that a group called “Panda” of PSG had come to attack the Lyonnais, added the boss of the Ligue 2 club. corridors and locker rooms by inventing several different stories. But Ferracci is reassured that the team is already saying that the FFF’s Discipline Commission, which is widely believed, could lose the game. And other sanctions should fall given the context. Aulas understood this, from his new attempt to limit the damage, at the risk of being ridiculed a little more…

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