PFC-OL: the authorities finally ready to bang their fists on the table?

Despite measures taken by the government on Thursday, the Coupe de France match between Paris FC and Lyon on Friday was definitively stopped following incidents between supporters. Faced with these images once again deplorable for French football, very strong penalties are expected.

PFC-OL: the authorities finally pr

Shameful images of Charlty.

French football is going badly, and it is high time to act! On Friday, France again gave a shameful image with unacceptable overflows during the Coupe de France match between Paris FC and Olympique Lyonnais Charlty.

At half-time, the supporters of both camps changed their friendliness, before a real chaos: fights with people with hoods and weapons of belts, smoke thrown at families and an invasion of the lawn (and the track of athletics).

Maracineanu a dj prvenu Le Grat

Images which sadly recall the many incidents that have already occurred since the start of the season during Ligue 1 meetings. announced Thursday several measures to stem this problem. Particularly involved in the discussions, the Minister in charge of Sports Roxana Maracineanu has also struggled to digest the scenes interviewed Charlty.

Thus, the former swimmer, without speaking immediately, has already contacted the president of the French Football Federation Nol Le Grat to ask him to act with the greatest firmness in this matter. With the support of the authorities, the Disciplinary Commission of the FFF, already renowned for its severity, will have the opportunity to strike very hard.

An emergency meeting

Without wishing to go too far before knowing all the details of this case, Le Grat confirmed an emergency meeting of the Disciplinary Commission on Monday. We are waiting to have all the elements before communicating. Obviously, I deplore these disastrous incidents. I have read the message from Minister Roxana Maracineanu, I totally agree with her, said the boss of the FFF.

I don’t want to get into the argument. Monday, all the teams of the Federation will be at work. The Disciplinary Commission should meet on the same day, after discussions with our legal service., he said on RMC radio. This time, we will have to strike very hard. The future of French football depends on it …

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