PGA Tour 2K23 | Preview

We have long been accustomed to thinking that in the panorama of sports video games there are mainly titles that represent the most famous sports. FIFA for football, the NBA 2K series for basketball, F1 and so on … However, there is a circle of sports titles that have a large niche of fans, often determined by the popularity of the discipline in a particular country, which absolutely do not go ignored. Just think of Madden, the American football simulator that every year beats the sales record in the USA.
The title we’re going to talk about today is PGA Tour 2K23the new 2K golf game which, given its low popularity in the beautiful country due to the obvious elitism that surrounds the environment, falls into the last category of titles that we have just described.


In the preview that we had the pleasure of trying, we ventured into the now inevitable mode Career signed 2K which, as always, allows us to create an alter ego and undertake our career as a professional golfer starting from small tournaments up to compete in the coveted FedEx Cupa competition where the best golfers in the world compete every year.
Character creation introduces new features such as choosing a archetype, these skill presets will serve as a mere starting point for our golfer’s development. Choosing an archetype will not tie us to a specific style of play, for example choosing a preset which focuses on shooting power will absolutely not prohibit us from investing in precision, we will be able to build the strengths of our alter ego in a completely free way.

Speaking of skill points it is worth mentioning the presence of a skill tree, in this screen it will be possible to spend points to improve our skills, the various upgrades will be divided according to the type of iron we will use. The developers also keep in mind that it will not be possible to complete it skill tree as the points awarded will be limited, it will therefore be necessary to choose carefully which skill to purchase. There will also be temporary buffs called Fittings that it will be possible to buy to give us an extra momentum on the occasion of an important race.

Gameplay side the title does not differ much from its previous iterations, we have a power bar of the shot that will have to stop at the right point to get the most out of our shot and it will be possible, thanks to the inclination of the mouse during movement, to give an effect to the ball to make life easier on the pitch.
A further addition in this new edition of the PGA Tour are the tiebreakerthat is the situations in which, in the event of a tie between two players, a further roll will be made to decide the winner between the two contenders.
It will also be necessary to be able to manage difficulties such as the slope and type of terrain and strength of the wind if we want to have even the chance to see our name alongside great golfers like Tiger Woods, chosen again this year as a cover man. Staying on the subject of the big names the guys from HB Studios managed to obtain the license to use the image of one of the greatest sportsmen of all time, in this edition of the PGA Tour, in fact, who will perform the pre-order will have the opportunity to use Michael Jordana former NBA star and a longtime golf fan.

The NBA star joins the ranks of PGA Tour 2K23


IN PGA Tour 2K23 a new mode makes its debut, the TopGolf represents the kind of sport we often see in movies, unlike the classic immense expanse of green with 18 holes, TopGolf takes place on a rectangular course called Driving Range in which there will be different targets, at an increasing distance that we should hit with our ball to get points, the greater the distance to the target, the greater the reward obviously. This mode can also be used as a kind of tutorial for newbies to the genre, as it will require a certain mastery of power and accuracy of the shots. This mode can be shared with 3 other friends locally, each of which will have 10 balls and the same attempts to be able to collect a greater number of points than the opponents. There will also be an online mode where you can compete with players from all over the world.

It will be interesting to see how the developers will be able to take advantage of this new mode, perhaps with the addition of new courses and game rules in a much more arcade version of traditional golf. We remind you that PGA Tour 2K23 will be available from October 14 for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

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