Pharmaceutical industry: Algeria does not produce insulin

The Minister of Pharmaceutical Industry, Ali Aoun, indicated on Monday, September 19, during his working visit to the Constantine production unit of the Saïdal group, that the production of insulin is not taking place and that this information is false.

He said that “the unit was saved thanks to the production of the vaccine”. By also reassuring that “the future of this unit is not doomed, it is a question of quickly doing an audit to see the shortcomings and the ministry is there to help you”, continued Ali Aoun, addressing the executives. of Saidal.

Also adding: “I am counting a lot on the Saïdal team, and I know that the will exists. Initiatives must be allowed to develop in this unity. The tool is there, we must review what has been cannibalized by the laboratory that you know and resume the production of insulin as soon as possible”.

The Minister of the Pharmaceutical Industry says he is “determined” to relaunch the production of insulin in Constantine

At the same time, Ali Aoun called for the need for the insulin production plant to resume work. “While we had a factory that was the pride of Algeria, it was shut down in 2012. I am determined to restart production in this factory and expand for injectable pens,” said the minister.

He also clarified that production should start with the “injectable pen”, which is produced by a small, simple machine that installs the cartridge. Speaking to Saïdal executives about these injectable pens, the minister said to them: “It is within your reach and you will allow Algeria to get out of the clutches of these laboratories which have been dragging us on since 1994”. . Continuing that it is “unacceptable in 2022, we still import all the insulin content. »

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