Pharmacists want to “go where the patient is” and help alleviate the NHS

The idea was presented to the Ministry of Health in April last year, but there is still no response.

THE Order of Pharmacists aims to reinforce the proximity between the class and the population, going “to where the user is”, whether at home or in homes. This was the intention expressed by Helder Mota Filipechairman of pharmacists, in statements to the News Diary.

“It is essential that proximity of services don’t stop at the pharmacy. It is necessary to go to where the user who needs medication is, whether in Housewhen he is bedridden or unable to go out, whether in the home or in a long-term care unit.”

According to the official, the reinforcement of proximity would be able to “improve services and avoid unnecessary trips to health centers or hospitals solely and exclusively to access revenues and the medication, and at the same time save costs to the system”. At the same time, he adds, pharmacists would be able to fully perform the tasks for which they were trained, namely “prescription renewal“, The “therapy review” and the promotion of health literacy.

This proposal is in line with the project presented in april last year, by pharmacists to the Ministry of Health, on the dispensing of hospital medicines in a context of proximity and where what they want and what they can do to support the SNS is established. However, the initiative has not yet any answer.

The same official said, underlined that a “national strategy that allows pharmacists to develop their roles as the profession has also evolved”. This reality, he points out, serves the “patient who is bedridden, who cannot move or what has insanityas well as some SNS services, primary and hospital care, which can be relieved in some tasks that today cause them a lot of pressure.”

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