Phase 1 is a trend for good news but the networks were alarmed with memes

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation reported that the country will begin Phase 1 trials in humans for a vaccine against Covid-19 in January.

Daniel Filmus, head of that portfolio, said that the vaccine candidate, named “ARVAC-Cecilia Grierson” -in homage to the country’s first female doctor- “will finish the preclinical studies by the end of 2021”, while it is expected for January 2022 Phase 1 trials.

“We hope that the development will allow, with the contribution of the State and the articulation with the private sector, power by the end of 2022, beginning of 2023, to scale production to have the national vaccine,” the minister underlined through a statement.

And as phase 1 became a trend for the good news, the networks were scared.

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