Phase 1 of the Division of Honor Telcel Clausura 2022 ends

All esports fans witnessed Phase 1 of the División de Honor Telcel Clausura 2022. Let the best of 3 begin in the División de Honor Telcel! After 14 intense days and a week 5 with unexpected turns.

Something that seems quite striking to us is that The Kings, 2morrow Esports, Atheris Esports, Six Karma, Zylant Esports and Atomic Esports are still in the fight for the Mexican title after qualifying for Phase 2 and prelude to the playoffs of the Mexican league of League of Legends organized by the Professional Video Game League Mexico.

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The undefeated are over

Goodbye to zero wins! In their penultimate opportunity, PEEK Gaming got their first point by completely overwhelming Arctic Gaming with map control, lanes, and objectives. All spiced up by a pentakill that although it no longer means anything for the tournament, it gives them a breath of confidence in the face of promotion – relegation due to remaining in the Honor Division Telcel 2023.

On the other side of the table, a crown was dented. There’s always a chance for revenge, and Atheris Esports got it in a big way: beating The Kings undefeated in the final week of the regular season; thus breaking with a streak of games without beating the kings they had since the Apertura 2022 final.

There is no small enemy

Arctic Gaming, being the penultimate place, managed to hit Six Karma, a team that in recent days was aiming to reach the final. After an extensive and long game, the arctic pack avoided fighting in order to break the nexus through a “backdoor” that allowed them to say goodbye with a victory.

After 14 matchdays, the standings would end as follows, where the top six places move on to the second phase and Peek Gaming will have to compete in promotion – relegation to keep their place in the league.

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