Philipp Lingg with a new CD

Musician Philipp Lingg was a guest at “Vorarlberg LIVE” on Monday.

Letting go – closing – a new beginning, that’s what he himself calls three musical cornerstones of his first work with his “Philipp Lingg Band”, which has just been published. There is an exciting journey between his huge hit from back then and what he is now presenting to the interested audience. In an interview with VOL.AT editor-in-chief Marc Springer, he talked about it and gave an insight into the latest works.

Schoppernauer Philipp Lingg is a multi-talented musician, lyricist and composer. Together with his band “Holstuonarmusigbigbandclub” he landed the mega hit “Vo Mello bis ge Schopornou” about 10 years ago. Now Philipp Lingg has produced his first work with the “Philipp Lingg Band” entitled “Less Going – Closing – New Beginning”. The songs, sung in dialect, High German and English, are about mountains, cats, customs officers and real life in and outside of the Hinterwald. The CD, which will also be released as an LP, also impresses musically with its wide range.

The thoroughbred musician is looking forward to being on stage with his new bandmates Christoph Mateka and Martin Grabher and playing live in front of an audience. Before that, you can experience him on Saturday, October 8th, 2022 at a cabaret-musical literature evening in the kulturverein bahnhof Andelsbuch.

The whole show:

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