Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu "hateful" since she lives in Paris, she still mocks France

“The arrival in Paris, in the sixteenth [arrondissement] where my grandmother lived, was very hard. I was 11 years old I thought the children were naughty. I missed Italy, its food, its perfumes, the joy of the Italians a lot. And then I have become Parisian, odious and touchy.” French actress Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu – who plays Sylvie Grateau in the Netflix series Emily in Paris – confided in the Parisian, in an interview published in the daily newspaper of this Sunday, January 23. Before discovering the French capital, the eldest of a family comprising a brother and two sisters spent the first years of her life in Italy, in the suburbs of Rome. “When I go back, I find the Italian lightness. I always feel my buttocks between two chairs: Italian in Paris, Parisian in Rome”, specifies the heroine of the series of France 3 Agathe Koltes. This testimony comes just days after the 58-year-old actress poked fun at the French, whose lack of humor she pointed out.

“Darren Star touches on deep things”

The second season ofEmily in Paris, broadcast since December 22 on Netflix, is a hit. Nevertheless, many criticize the series for lacking realism and showing a vision of Paris filled with clichés. Asked about this in an interview with Page Six, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu recently estimated that “the French know how to laugh at others, but [qu’]they don’t know how to laugh at themselves”. The one who also played the wife of Mathias Barneville in the series Ten percent developed his point of view in this way: “They’re always hurt and upset when people laugh at them, they don’t realize director Darren [Starr] also makes fun of Americans a lot.” Criticisms that the actress renewed in her interview published in the columns of Parisian. The French have no humor. The cliché allows people to come together around a common image. It is also a base on which the actors can lean, to create something else”, she judged, before continuing in this way: “Behind the sugarEmily in Paris, Darren Star touches on deep things, with the character of Emily, he also makes fun of this American youth and its representations.”

For this role, she was inspired by her mother

As for her own character, the ruthless Sylvie, who sits at the head of a luxury marketing agency, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu confided that she was inspired by her mother to give her substance. His mother who, when Philippine was 13, entered Dior to create scarves, jewelry and handbags, specifies the daily. As a teenager, she identified what lay behind the aggressive confidence of the women her mother rubbed shoulders with in the Parisian fashion world. “I was very sensitive to these rivalries, to this hollow vulnerability born of the fear of losing something, their youth, their power. To play Sylvie, I fed on that, and I let my subconscious work, she then develops with the Parisian. And it was her mother that she thought of, to appropriate the gestures, the elocution and the gait of her character in Emily in Paris : “Like Sylvie, like me sometimes, [ma mère] knew how to be odious.”

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