Philips is probably planning a QD OLED TV

Philips and TP Vision, which are behind the TV brand in Europe, have confirmed their interest in developing a QD OLED TV based on a panel from Samsung Display. There is even a first, own prototype. That’s what the Senior Director for Product Strategy & Planning at TP Vision, Danny Tack, said in an interview.

Currently, only Samsung itself and Sony offer QD OLED TVs. With Philips, a third partner for TVs would be added. The news comes as no surprise as the brand also recently announced a QD-OLED-based gaming monitor. So people seem to like the technology. According to Tack, the final decision has not yet been made.

According to this, Philips is currently examining the strengths and weaknesses of WOLED (LG Display) and QD-OLED (Samsung Display) in order to then decide on what future products should be based on. The costs will certainly also be weighed up, which is a particularly important factor in the current economic situation. Perhaps Philips could introduce a QD OLED TV at the CES in Las Vegas in early 2023 and present it as a flagship?

However, it is also possible that we will have to wait until 2024 or that Philips or TP Vision will decide differently in the end. Would you be interested in a QD-OLED from Philips?

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