Photographs of Hugo Wasyluk’s body, which show the marks of police torture, will be exhibited in the debate

Thursday, November 25, 2021 | 10: 17hs.

The second day of the oral debate on the murder of Hugo Miguel Wasyluk (38), who has 13 policemen from the Oberá Regional Unit II in the dock for “torture followed by death, failure to report and breach of duties as a public official “, began with important decisions related to the request made by the victim’s family through the plaintiffs’ attorneys, Rafael Pereyra Pigerl and Vannela Vignolles, about displaying the filmic material and the photographs taken of the man’s corpse throughout the entire trial. immediately after his death occurred after a slow agony (taken by the Criminal Division) and during the autopsy carried out by the Forensic Medical Corps.

The judges of the Criminal Court of Oberá, Francisco Aguirre (president), Jorge Villalba (surrogate) and José Pablo Rivero, decided to partially comply with the requirement that, according to the family, pursues the objective of “showing the real dimension of the violence exerted by the police from the marks of the blows on Hugo’s body, “and in parallel” to generate social awareness about these serious human rights violations. “

“It will be for a single time in this trial, on a date to be appointed soon,” the Court clarified.

Moments before the judges’ decision, the surrogate prosecutor, Myriam Silke, said, who considered the exhibition of the images “viable”. “It is by mandate of the mother who considers that it is a way for her son to be present in the debate, he is the victim, that is why we believe that if it is a wish of the family, it is appropriate to make room”, said the representative of the Public ministry.

Regarding the incidents presented by the defenses of the accused police officers, the magistrates decided not to allow the removal of Pereyra Pigerl for alleged incompatibility of functions (he is a provincial deputy) requested by the lawyer Cristina Salguero, on the grounds that this function prevents him from representing actions civil against the State but in this case, he is a plaintiff in the criminal action, as explained by the prosecutor at the time of giving her opinion.

Neither did the judges grant the request for annulment of the investigations raised by the lawyer Millán Barredo.

In this way, the debate continues with the presentation of each of the 13 defendants, who will have the possibility to testify about the fact for which they are accused or, if they decide to do so, abstain. A new marathon day is expected in which, after listening to the uniformed men, it will be the turn of the witnesses, who are around 40.

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