Physical activity may improve flu vaccine effectiveness, research says

It is a fact that moderate physical activities bring numerous health benefits, and we know that this practice plays a key role in protecting against coronavirus. Now, new research conducted in Sydney, Australia, shows that Exercises may potentiate the effectiveness of the flu vaccine.

The study published last week followed a total of 550 adult subjects. Of the total, 382 performed physical activities lasting 15 to 50 minutes — before or after the application of the immunizing agent. As noted by the researchers, this portion of respondents had a better immune response than sedentary people.

Blood samples from the subjects were taken about four to six months after inoculation to measure antibody levels. 61% maintained a physical exercise routine of 2.5 hours per week. This group had a potentiated effect of vaccine-induced protection, especially those who exercised shortly before or after application.

Erika Bohn-Goldbaum and her teammates delved into participants who performed regular physical activity. According to the analysis, people who performed weight training and other strength exercises had higher levels of antibodies in relation to individuals who performed other jobs, such as aerobic exercises.

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“We believe that the damage to muscles caused by physical exercise activates local danger signals that stimulate immune cells and promote the adaptive immune response,” explains Bohn-Goldbaum in an interview with the New Scientist.

It is worth noting that the study, for now, refers to people immunized against the Influenza A H1 virus lineage. There is still no information about the benefits of physical activities in vaccines that target the H3 and B variants.

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