Physical exercises that help improve neck pain

The neck discomfort afflict a large number of people, among those most likely to suffer from tension in this area, are those who handle a greater load of daily stress, lift very heavy loads without the proper technique or those who suffer from health problems such as a poor posture or associated diseases.

As explained by the Mayo Clinic research portal, this problem can show the muscular stiffness, headache, reduced mobility or spasms. It is prudent to identify it in time if it is a temporary discomfort or, on the contrary, requires medical attention.

If it is the first situation, and the discomfort is not so serious, some experts recommend performing certain physical exercises to reduce tension in the area.

The information portal La Vanguardia consulted an expert, who recommended executing the following training in case of feeling muscular discomfort in the neck:

Joint mobility exercises:

Alex Pifarré Pascual, a graduate in Physical Activity and Sports Science, pointed out that doing exercises of this type for 10 minutes a day, the person may show improvement.

One of the exercises can be internal or external rotations. For this exercise, an open elastic band is needed, which allows the person to stretch their arms from top to bottom, holding each end of the band.

Stretching exercises:

For this, it is enough to pass an arm over the head and that it is touching back, then the other arm passes behind the back trying to join both hands, the stretch should be maintained for an interval of 10 seconds and alternate the position of the hands.

Strength exercises:

As mentioned earlier, some neck discomfort is due to people holding heavy loads without the correct technique. Therefore, doing strength training allows you to develop the proper technique, while the body also increases its resistance.

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