Physical games soon to be playable on Xbox Series S?

Available since November 2020, the Xbox Series S is Microsoft’s second “next generation” console, launched alongside the Xbox Series X. A slightly set back machine, benefiting from all the next-gen technologies, but with reduced power and a resolution limited to 2K. A digital console, not allowing to play physical games… At least for the moment? A recent patent seems to indicate that Microsoft is considering alternative solutions to allow Xbox players to play their boxed games… On their Series S!

The Xbox Series S… A console not really “all-digital”?

Our colleagues at GameRant and VGC have found a rather interesting patent, recently filed by Microsoft. In the description of the latter, Microsoft presents a system allowing players to use an external disc drive to save a physical game to their account in order to obtain a digital license. For example, the player could use an Xbox One to insert his game in order to have it validated, to download it to play in a dematerialized version on his Xbox Series S.

Xbox Series S Physical Games Patent


This process is a dream desired by all owners of Xbox Series S, but also of PS5 Digital Edition, who are forced to go back to checkout if they want to play their old games. On the other hand, it seems too good to be true. We don’t know the details of the patent yet, but there will no doubt be some conditions. Will the license need to be renewed every month, or after a few weeks? Will this process only apply to old titles? Many answers are still pending, but we can’t wait to know more and we especially hope that the project will come to an end!

After backwards compatibility and cross-platform, will Microsoft fulfill another long-awaited wish by gamers?

Microsoft Xbox Series S

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