Pickup truck ruled out as vehicle involved in deadly collision

Friday June 24, 2022 | 0:55 a.m.

The investigations continue in order to clarify the circumstances in which Claudio Luis Schlender (18) ended up dead, with serious polytrauma and signs of drag, 20 kilometers from where his motorcycle was found on Saturday morning.

From the Tres de Mayo area, Garuhapé -where the motorcycle appeared- to the access to El Alcázar is the route that marks the mystery of the case since the first point is on National Route 12 while the other site, where it was found the body, is on provincial route 11 several kilometers away.

Regarding the investigation into the circumstances that led to the death of the young man, based on reliable sources, this medium was able to learn that during the last hours accidentological tests were carried out on a vehicle that was initially pointed out as a possible suspect in the case. .

It is a white Renault Duster van, owned by a resident of Jardín América, which was located by investigators yesterday morning.

The latter was related to the testimony of a man who said he saw a truck of these characteristics moving a bundle on the hood on the morning of the incident.

Claudio Luis (18) lived in Garuhapé.

From the first skills of the Criminalistics Division of the IV Regional Unit, it was established that the expert shot had no signs of recent impacts and that for this reason his responsibility in the tragic episode was almost ruled out.

In relation to this novelty, it remains to continue with the analysis of the record of a private security camera that was provided as evidence in the case.

There, the previous passage of some other vehicle similar to the Duster that has circulated in the place where the young man is believed to have been injured will be sought to continue the search for a third vehicle involved in the event.

The sources consulted indicated that in the investigation, for the moment, no hypothesis about what happened can be ruled out.

There are several alternatives and elements that allow you to think of different possibilities. What is known is that drag marks and blood were found on the asphalt, both in Garuhapé and at the access to El Alcázar.

A spokesman pointed out that, due to the characteristics of the event, the main suspicion is that a large vehicle could be responsible for dragging the body from the Tres de Mayo area to the access to El Alcázar.

That this could have been produced through the pushing force that only a truck could have enough to carry a body between the wheels and travel almost 20 kilometers.

Around this speculation, it was added that when arriving at El Alcázar, and when returning to another artery, the trucker could have slowed down and the body fell to the asphalt again.

Another of the points in the file is the contribution of the gendarme who was driving the Peugeot 308 and who maintained that while traveling along National Route 12, in the Tres de Mayo area, he rammed the motorcycle that ended up embedded in his bumper. And that, on the contrary, another truck driver had done the same, moments before, with other remains of the same bicycle.

In the area where Schlender’s motorcycle appeared, a broken helmet and a shoe were found, along with drag marks and blood on the asphalt. From the preliminary results of the autopsy it was determined that Schlender suffered a very violent death.

The body had traces of earth and grass in different parts, it had an open fracture of the left leg, a skull fracture and, according to the report, death occurred as a result of various polytrauma.

In relation to this, it was highlighted that the death would have occurred before being dragged, that is to say that the motorcyclist did not suffer agony but could have died due to an oversight or in a previous collision.

For this, the mechanical expertise of Schlender’s motorcycle will be key, where it is expected that in addition to trying to establish an impact pattern, he will also rule out the possibility of finding any trace of paint or material from another vehicle that could have been involved in the event.

the pain of the family

“I would like to hug him and tell him that I love him too much, that if I ever failed him to forgive me, so many things I want to tell him but that I love him too much,” Susana Schlender, Claudio’s sister, said in a conversation with her voice trembling with anguish. telephone with this medium.

According to the woman, that morning Claudio was going to the Colonia Luján area to work in the tarefa -harvest of yerba- but that some time ago he had done work in the ceramics industry which allowed him to gather elements for the construction of the house of material that I longed for

“He bought everything, he has everything here that was for his house. Everything is marked where I was going to make the house. He wanted one made of material because he lived in one that is made of wood, which belonged to my mother, ”said the woman whose story is full of sorrow because her brother’s projects were totally truncated.

Claudio lived in Garuhapé on land that he shared with two sisters and a brother. In a family of eight, he was one of the youngest and was very determined to share what he had and live better.

“He had a chicken coop because he liked homemade chicken. He planted a garden that week before he left,” Susana mentioned.

He added that Claudio lived next to his house and they were always aware of his movements due to their closeness and the time they spent together.

“We are next to each other, we have children and he likes that, sharing with the girls. When he had money he drank soda tereré, he liked sweets, he bought and shared with them, ”commented the woman who also stated that her brother was a calm and hardworking young man.

“It seems that he is still there, for me it is impossible that he is no more. All day I get up and look around his house, open the window or the door as he always did. I hope he comes and tells me we’re going to drink mate or ‘cook a lot and I’m going to eat with you’”.

Just as the authorities continue to connect the dots about what happened that foggy morning, Claudio’s family is also uncertain about what happened to him.

“We are devastated, apart from that we don’t know what his accident was like, if it went wrong or not. How it all happened, we don’t know any of that and it’s impossible to sleep at night thinking about how it happened, why it happened like that, why it was so far away. If someone dumped his body, I would like that person to pay for what he did, now we just want justice, “he concluded.

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