Pico TV: The Secrets of Marilyn Monroe

For that investigation that gave life to her book ‘Goddess’ (Goddess), Summer confesses that she conducted a thousand interviews, recorded 650 tapes with those who knew or worked with Marilyn, including some film directors that consolidated her fame as an actress, like Billy Wilder, who directed her in ‘The Seven Year Itch’.

The beginning of the documentary is shocking, because we hear the voiceover of the actress herself who spoke of prescient things: How do you write a life story? The truths rarely circulate. Lies usually do.

Her ‘official’ death was due to an overdose of barbiturates (sleeping pills) when she was found in her Brentwood home on August 4, 1962. Sixty years later, the question remains. The documentary confirms that Marilyn had a secret relationship with former US President John F. Kennedy and a two-way relationship with her brother Robert ‘Bobby’ Kennedy.

These relationships, according to the documentary, occurred long before Kennedy was anointed president. The tapes show us invaluable testimony from the wife and daughter of Monroe’s former primary psychiatrist, Dr. Ralph Greeson, and Police Chief Jack Clemmos.

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The two of them denounced at the time that there were several inconsistencies between the testimonies of two doctors and the housekeeper, the first to discover Marilyn’s body. The scene was altered, as were the reports of the amount and dose that she ingested and the toxicology report.

What was it intended to hide? That is why she never congealed the hypothesis of suicide. Rather, conspiracy hypotheses came to light that not only involved the upper echelons of power in the US government of the Kennedys, the mafia and even the Cuban Revolution.

The documentary overflows with nostalgia. The golden Hollywood of the fifties, the celluloid stars, companions of the actress, directors and above all she, always sensual, between innocent and daring.

Marilyn lived amazing moments in her life. Like her meeting in 1949 between her and the scientist Albert Einstein and she asks him: “Can you imagine conceiving a baby with my beauty and her intelligence?” To which the author of the Theory of Relativity responded seriously: “Unfortunately that son would date my beauty and his intelligence.”

Or the crowning moment when she sings ‘Happy Birthday’ to President Kennedy in a dress so, so tight that it had to be sewn once she put it on and it was as sticky as a nylon glove.

How could it be otherwise, the sexy bomb was the object of worship by many, such as Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner, who died in September 2017, who bought his niche next to hers in the Westwood Village Memorial Park cemetery.

Another fact that feeds the conspiracy theories about his death is that, ten years after his death, the actress Verónica Hamel acquired his house. As she began making repairs, she discovered a complicated network of spy wires used exclusively by the FBI and CIA.

That discovery reopened the debate on whether his death was induced by someone close to the Kennedy clan, because he threatened them with “revelations.” We see exclusive childhood photos of that girl born into a home with a deranged mother, whose real name was Norma Jean Mortenson, the last name of her stepfather, although she is also known as Norma Jean Baker, born June 1, 1926, in Los Angeles.

Marilyn is reborn thanks to this documentary. The only thing missing is the voiceover of the great Truman Capote when facing the sea, with the noise of the waves, he whispered in her ear: “You are a beautiful, a beautiful girl”. I turn off the television.


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